29 January 2013

uranus and the hierophant

It's funny what the cards bring up. I haven't been using my new Tarot cards every day yet, but I am able to get some good sessions in on the weekends and sometimes at night during the week. I made a point to wake up earlier than usual today, to get some centering time to myself. I didn't go to bed earlier than usual last night- still stayed up late. I woke up and drank some coffee and attempted to blog but it wasn't going anywhere, so I drew a card and then decided to meditate. I'm still taking my meditation class. I still need to do at least 10 minutes a day, to get my money's worth. ;) There's only another week left anyway.

The card, by the way, was The Hierophant. It's funny because The Hierophant, in my limited knowledge, represents order in spirituality (aka religion). Learning from an old way, a tradition. Conventional. "An institutionalized way of seeking the sacred." -Biddy. Hmm.

And then there's Uranus. Basically the antithesis of The Hierophant. Individualistic, progressive, here and there and erratic and creative and even destructive. Breaking down new barriers, not exactly focused on religion or teachings of the past. Uranus is prominent in my chart. Not only that, I have been feeling the Uranian energy strongly lately. Organized religion is not, and has never, been my thing. He conjuncts my Mars in Sag, a fire sign (wicked mouth), and is currently transiting my sixth house of daily routine. In Aries. As in, what daily routine? Aries and Uranus both have to do with new, as well. A new phase of life to navigate.

Drawing The Hierophant seems to echo what I was writing about here last week. Holding onto a thread, just a thread, of this energy to help me grow and expand (Jupiter/Sag rules religion and expansion), instead of just floundering. The Hierophant stresses having a teacher, a guide, on this leg of your journey. Of course. Of course Tarot is right. Right now I do need a guide, I AM being guided to meditate every day, because otherwise I WOULD NOT DO IT. I would talk about how good it is for me and how it's something I've been meaning to do, and might even meditate for a couple minutes before passing out at night but it is not the same thing. It's not structured, it's not setting a foundation, it's nothing I can grow from. Guidance is necessary... And even if I can't always have a physical guide, being able to better direct myself.

I'm imagining The Hierophant in my 6th house now, along with Uranus. Providing an outlet, which I think, too, will help me use the Uranus energy that can be so good and so creative and so progressive, if I'm in a better place to receive it. Ya know? Instead of indulging it's lower tendencies...

Organized Spirituality meets...
Uranus, just spinning around on it's side. Doing it's own thing.

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