26 September 2011

Herbs to Protect Against Radiation

{Not astrology-related, just thought it was interesting}

Herbs to Protect Against Radiation (from cell phones, wifi, nuclear power plants, etc., etc.)
From Common Ground 25 Sept. 2011
Gail Edwards @ Blessed Maine Herbs
My notes::

Rosemary- very protective herb
2 (oil-soluble) acids in it. Protect human cells and repair radiation damages.
*Infuse Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Rosemary. Put in sprigs, cover for 6 weeks. Can cook with or put oil on body, on thyroid/thymus (upper chest area).
*Can chew raw
*Tincture- 30 drops/day
*OK with breastfeeding
*Baking with it anyway is great, especially on meat, fat/oils. Perfect on chicken.
*Can also steep as a tea, but need to steep for 2+ hours (this source is not as good as the other ways)

Caffeic Acid
Top food- Apples. Also Pears, Plums, Cherries. Lots of pectin. Baked apple if ill.

Brassica- Cabbage, Cauliflower, Broccoli and Broccoli Rabe, Bok Choy, Kale
*Protects us/cells and repairs
*Contains sulforaphane. Water-soluble.
*Need to lightly steam/simmer to release nutrients (also drink water leftover in pot)

Fermentation intensifies benefits. Make sauerkraut. Missing link in diet! Natural probiotics.

Seaweed/Sea Vegetables (Wakame). Very important. Protect + Repair.
*Powdered kelp
*Franklin, ME- Shep Airhart at Maine Coast Sea Vegetables (in many health food stores)
*Potassium and Sodium content are same as us
(Can also soak in seaweed bath or use in shower- use muslin bag full of seaweed).

Adaptogens (class of herbs/substances)
*must be 100% nontoxic to qualify
*Greeche mushrooms grown in Maine (all are medicinal/protective)
*American Ginseng.
-very rare. make sure to buy from legit source.
-tincture- 10-20 drops anywhere from 3x/week to every day.

photo credit: brown dress with white dots

23 September 2011

Happy Autumn!/Polarities

autumnal equinox~first day of fall, and libra, the scales.

The zodiac is actually split up into two halves- six signs each. The zodiac begins at the vernal equinox, with Aries, and the first half ends with Virgo. The focus of these signs is the self, how we cultivate and relate to the self. The second half begins with Libra and ends with Pisces, and the focus is on the other, on relationships.

That isn't to say that people born in the first half are selfish, and the second half are pushovers. Every sign has a polar (opposite) sign, or shadow, and depends on the balance of the two where you fall on the spectrum.

For example, we are now in Libra. Libra is the sign of relationships, partnerships, and romance. Being a part of a relationship is usually very important to Libras, (although they do have a tendency to idealize them, and find it hard to deal with harsh everyday realities that all relationships eventually bring). But their opposite sign- Aries! Self-driven, independent, self-fulfilling Aries. This is the shadow side of Libra that helps keep them in check, protects them from being taken advantage of, if they are channeling it. If they go too far to the other side, their selfishness can impede with what they really want from life. If they don't seek it out at all, they will be stuck giving until there's nothing left. And as Libra is the sign of balance, this is especially true for them. Libra prominent in your chart will bring out these themes, as will this time of year. I have a Libra rising and life is all about balance for me, and it's definitely a juggling act most of the time. 

But here are the signs, and their polarities, just for fun ;)

Aries~Libra: As above

Taurus~Scorpio: Both are possessive about people, places, and things. Money rules both of these signs. Both of these signs confuse me, actually, as they are incredibly tight-lipped when it comes to how they feel. But maybe that's just my Taurus moon that brings it out, because I am the same way. 

Gemini~Sagittarius: expansion/freedom, learning about the world and spirituality intellectually versus physically. 

Cancer~Capricorn: both are guarded, emotional signs that show it quite differently. Cancer stews, Capricorn tries to forget. When threatened, the crab retreats while the sea goat moves on. However both are incredibly creative and have the discipline to be very successful.

Leo~Aquarius: The ultimate me of Leo meets the humanitarian, Aquarius. This always strikes me as the most interesting polarity. What's best for you versus what's best for humankind? Amazing.

Virgo~Pisces: More alike than either would like to admit. Control freaks in their own ways, both need to work on either going with the flow more or less.

Here's a visual from Modern Jungle

20 September 2011


600 views! That's pretty exciting to me :)
(even though probably like 50 are mine from before I realized I could choose the option of NOT tracking my own page views)
Thanks to everyone who reads this... much love. <3

17 September 2011


Hello again! I haven't really got a post planned out, but wanted to write something, so I am just going to write about the current solar system, off the top of my head! prepare for many sentence fragments and half-thoughts ;)

{sun in virgo} harvest season, literally and metaphorically. if you are not satisfied- now is the time to lay the seeds. visualization of goals is important. virgo as the virgin signifies purity of purpose (says Alan Oken in his Complete Astrology, and he put it oh so well). virgo relates to health; now is an excellent time to start a workout routine or remember to take your vitamins every day ;) (especially those gearing up for a long winter!). Every positive health change, no matter how small it may seem, can lead to better habits, healthier and happier body and mind. remember to love yourself and try not to be so critical of yourself. easier said than done, yes, but you deserve a break from any self-destructive thoughts! this is also a good time to get your ducks in a row, in whatever area of your life you need it. that back to school feeling calls for us to get organized and motivated- classic virgo.

{moon in gemini/mercury in virgo} gemini and virgo are both ruled by mercury. mercurian energy has a tendency to be erratic and nervous, but also promotes learning, exploration, and industriousness. both good and bad aspects of this may have a tendency to shine through now (especially with the sun in virgo, too). remember that you're human (but don't use it as an excuse to be an asshole). Also a good time to check yourself and not let your thoughts run away with you!

{venus in libra- ahhh :)} lovely venus in a sign it rules- libra! (the other is taurus). libra is the sign of partnerships, and venus is the planet of love. now is a great time to reconnect if the craziness of life has gotten in the way lately. Try not to be too critical of your partner (or whoever), and just accept the other as they are (doesn't mean you have to be okay with things that bother you- just accept it as part of who they are, if you really want to have an honest relationship with them).
Also, back to self love... this is a good time to work on that relationship as well (not to be a cliche, but it's true.)

well, that's all i have time for tonight. i kind of want to rattle on about mars moving from cancer to leo, etc., another time. much love!

speaking of Venus... image from Universe Today