28 July 2015

mercury retro

Thinking about having Mercury retrograde in your chart. I have it, in Pisces, but when Mercury actually *turned* retrograde, it was in Aries. I'm wondering how this manifests, if at all. I have other Aries in my chart as well, which could blur any distinctions I try to make, along with a tricky Mars Uranus aspects to my Mercury. Sometimes I speak out of turn, put my foot in my mouth, or just don't *think* before I say something. It's so annoying. But this is juxtaposed with times of incredible shyness, awkwardness, and not feeling like I want to talk at all. Perhaps this is both the Aries and Pisces being expressed, going back and forth. An Aries Mercury gone sliding back into the choppy waters of Pisces, trying to be direct etc but getting lost in the waves. Or perhaps it is fully Piscean, and the other aspects to my Mercury is what screws me up. In any case, I would be completely lost without a journal for processing.

Who here has Mercury retrograde? Thoughts?

24 July 2015

Vitamin C Amazingness

I have to share this DIY Homemade Vitamin C Serum recipe because I made it and it is amazing. Wellness Mama is a plethora of knowledge and recipes about all things natural. I made both versions, one with glycerin and one without, and I prefer the one without, the toner. The one with glycerin was too heavy for me, but those with dry skin may prefer it. I spray the toner on my skin and gently massage it in, and it brighten, tightens, and tones my skin. You literally see the results immediately. The first few times I used it I thought I was seeing things until I asked other people who had used Vitamin C products and they said the same thing! If your skin is super sensitive you may want to start with 1/4 tsp. of Vitamin C powder to begin with instead of the 1/2. Full recipe here. Enjoy! 

*I am not affiliated with Wellness Mama in any way, I'm just obsessed with this skin care recipe! If you try it, share how it works for you in the comments! Orange image from http://www.sealdsweet.com/

23 July 2015


I recently had two articles published on Sasstrology, and thought I would post them here in case anyone would like to read them! These were so fun to write. Let me know what you think in the comments or over on Sasstrology's site. Thanks!

10 Things You Didn't Know About Taurus

8 Things Gemini Hates in a Partner

21 July 2015

Cloud Divination

It is amazing to me the things we do in everyday, mundane life that have magical roots (which, as it turns out, is pretty much everything). Something that I thought was so cool that I read in a book was how people actually used to/magical people still do, use the clouds for divination/psychological insight like others may with tea leaves, dreams, or Tarot. Totally makes sense, right? The archetypes span all of these, but you can come up with your own personal meanings based on experience. Nature was the original religion, and people were connected and saw signs everywhere within it. A few symbols from the book include bird for psychic power or other communication, while horse symbolizes strength and grace. You should be able to use a Dream Dictionary for any cloud divining you do. 

I just love that something we all do as kids actually tunes us in with our ancestors, who would have been watching the clouds during the day and the stars, moon, and planets at night. And it is a lovely excuse to stop adulting for a few, clear your mind, and gaze softly up at the sky. btw, This is one way that ancient traditions have survived- by being rebranded as mundane. 

What do you think? 

PS I can't even type the word "divination" without loling to myself and thinking of Trewalney from Harry Potter warning Harry about The Grim. Also I kind of want to do posts on the astro of various HP characters but it's just so nerdy. 

19 July 2015

on chi

Lately I've been thinking about chi, or Qi, or prana, life energy force, what have you. And how when you have thoughts / anxieties / whatever circling around in your brain, or body, it stagnates your chi. Overthinking stagnates it. Maybe you're familiar with this feeling, feeling stuck, frustrated, powerless. So, how do you offset the stagnation? By doing. For some, this may mean writing, as this generates the chi as well as helps you work through that which is cycling about in your brain. For others, this may mean art, or talking about it, or playing music, or yoga, or running. I think what this "thing" is, is very personal. Whatever your natural inclination is. But often the act of doing / creating helps to move things along. 

What do you think?

Moon is currently in Virgo, supports organization and all that good stuff...