25 August 2015

The Moon/Pisces

The Moon‬ is the card of the day. This card is ruled by ‪‎Pisces‬. We are currently building to a Pisces full moon on Saturday. Now til then is an extra special potent time to access your intuition & follow your own flow. Also great for therapy or work on your psyche. Just don't get sucked into lower depths that don't serve you. If all else fails, listen to music or take a nap. Howl at the moon.

What do you think about this card?

24 August 2015

Card of the day

Knight of Pentacles is card of the day. Pentacles=Money. What are you doing for your finances today? Any ideas of generating income or building your wealth are to be explored. Be open to receiving the abundance the Knight is handing you. A scarcity mindset does not benefit you now.

(Yes, could also represent a youngish earthy guy coming into your life. ;) Earth signs= Taurus, Virgo, & Capricorn).