21 January 2012

New Moon, So Near

Hi :) Just popping in... I don't have anything planned out to write. Mostly, happy Aquarius (started yesterday), a breath of fresh air, as it is, however the moon is in Capricorn so I'd definitely call it a transition phase, still. But the new moon in Aquarius (new moons are always in the same sign as the current sun sign, while full moons are always in the opposite) is happening late late tomorrow. And the second (aka Aquarius) new moon of the year=Chinese New Year! It's going to be the year of the Dragon, Water Dragon to be more precise. I've read that the days leading up to the Chinese New Year is the time to clean house (metaphorically or physically) to allow for the new year to fully breathe in. (More info on Year of the Dragon here, which also happens to be my guilty pleasure gossip website :P). What else? idk, really. I see the successive Western and then Chinese New Year as kind of a re-upping of resolutions (if you're into that), intentions for the New Year, etc. Like, you're getting off-track, well now is a great time to give it some extra oomph. moon pluto has a nice write up about this New Moon with some suggestions for how to get the most out of setting your intentions. I'm currently staring at the vision board I made, kind of reevaluating some of the things I have on there... And realizing others that should be on there, that aren't. One of my personal goals for the year, which is so simple, but powerful I think for me, since I can be inconsistent, is taking my multivitamins, along with extra Vitamin D and Magnesium since I tested low for both, along with my Bach's flower essences for my mood. Will report back on progress. Anyway, I didn't really write much about astrology. Want to take this blog back to the original direction it was going in... posts soon xoxo, would love to hear about your intentions, feelings, etc., surrounding the New Moon, Chinese New Year, life in general! And sorry for all the run-on sentences!

12 January 2012

Morning and Snow

Set your intentions. This could be the same as your goals. They could be emotional, work-related, anything really. I woke up this morning and unintentionally looked at some photos of various countries in Europe. Which made me... want to visit Europe. And feel a little bad about myself for not having been yet. But I didn't want that feeling to stick around with me all day, ya know? (It's been kind of a weird week, emotionally, for me). So instead I'm making myself think of ways I could make it happen. Thus, looking up part-time jobs where I would actually use my degree (I know, amazing :P). Because this has always been my greater goal... to see the world. Any job I could have would be the means by which I could accomplish this.   Soo, yeah. That was kind of a ramble. My point is, don't beat yourself up over this, or that, or whatever. It's really okay. If what you're beating yourself up over is truly important to you, find a way to make it right, even if it's figuring out baby steps to get there. And if it isn't... find a way to let it go. Let yourself be lighter. Either way, you're allowing for new, nice energy to come in. Which is pretty dope.

Okay, that was WAY more than I was planning on writing. Just a weird morning, I guess. It's snowing out. It's actually pretty, and I generally hate snow. The sky? There's a lot of Earth in the planets. This is a stabilizing energy. Helps us to set and accomplish goals. Less lofty, more realistic steps to reach the goal. I know I need this, being so watery and fiery. I can get lost in the big picture and the future and never get anywhere. So this is good for me. And I bet it's good for you, too. Venus is in the last degrees of Aquarius, which can be a little detached, which can be good, bad, both in relation to relationships of all kinds. It can be good because it can let you take a step back and talk non-emotionally about issues, or happy things, in your relationship (of any kind), and actually get somewhere as a result. It can be bad if you feel like you're not really connecting at all with your partner on an emotional level. But for the most part I think this is kind of... clearing. Venus is moving into Pisces in just a few days, and will be the only "major planet" in a water sign (although Chiron will be chilling out there, too.) I honestly think that this will be a nice splash in the sky, to help  chill out us water types, and even the non-water types. It'll be a nice time, too, to see the fruits of your labor, so to speak, from the Venus in Aquarius. So, yeah. Enjoy. Don't get hung up on annoyances, toxic thoughts (this is more a reminder to myself, I don't want to sound preachy). Just... be. And help yourself be who you want to be, what you want to be... Love yourself. We're all so hard on ourselves. Try being nice, even if it's just for a short time at first...