10 July 2013

Saturn Direct + Getting Clear

I haven't been around for a while so I just wanted to write a little something today.

I've had Saturn ON the brain lately. Probably because it is currently transiting my first house and so ALL up in my business. It was retrograding (appearing to travel backward from our perspective here on Earth), and only a few days ago turned direct again.

For me, a big theme of the retrograde was realizing that I need to become more clear about what it is I want for myself. The first house is the house of the self. Not that I magically have it all figured out now that it's direct or anything, but I had to strip down to the essentials. I saw this literally, physically- I stopped wearing makeup for about a month (literally used to be unthinkable for me. Now I'm back to using a little bit), stopped using anti-antiperspirant all together.

Silly examples maybe, but it was like an echo of what's going on inside with me. As above, so below. I'm trying to move forward on my path and I get SO discouraged at times, but I know that I have to keep putting in the work. It's Saturn. I have to put the work in.

If you take a moment and peek at your chart, see where Saturn is transiting for you. That could be the area of life where you need to get rid of the fluff, get down to basics, lay out a game plan.

Does that make sense? I'd love to hear if this rings true for you.

*Edited to add instructions for finding where Saturn is in your chart. Go to astro.com. From there:

1. Click "Free Horoscopes" on the upper right-hand side

2. Scroll all the way to the bottom of the page, and click "Extended Chart Selection."

3. In the third drop down menu that says "Please select the type of chart you want," Select "Natal Chart and Transits."

4. On the outside of the chart, there will be symbols in green. ♄ is Saturn. You'll be able to see which house it's in (houses are numbered 1-12 around the wheel). Voila!

*Note: At some point in the process you will have to put your birth info into astro.com. You can do that either by signing up or just doing a guest chart.

Let me know if you need any help! Seriously, I'm happy to. :)

Sometimes it feels like this, right?