12 January 2017

Faves so far

Hey and Happy 2017! I don't post on here much anymore, but I've stumbled across a few things recently that I really wanted to share in a kind of organized format, so here we are! I'd love to hear your feedback, and what your faves of the moment are as well!

New Age Hipster January Tarot Challenge
I've recently started journaling a lot again (it is normally my default but I had gotten a bit off track recently), and I absolutely love using these tarot prompts. Plus, it gets me to take a sliver of time for myself to sit with my cards, draw one, and do some reflection. It's been interesting to see where it's taken me just in twelve short days. Also- she has a free 2017 e-book available on her site as well. You can use it to figure out what your tarot card for the year is and get some more info on that.

Don't Let Anything Dull Your Sparkle, by Doreen Virtue
This is a great deal- 99 cents for the Kindle version (which, psst, you can download the app for free on your phone/computer/tablet if you don't have it already). The title is fluffy, but inside it's chock-full of new research and understanding of post traumatic stress response (which isn't exactly what you'd necessarily think it is!), as well as effective healing methods. I'm a psych geek (it's what I got my BA in) so this is right up my alley. I think she did a good job of summarizing the research so it's not boring or full of jargon.

This Tibetan singing bowl meditation series on YouTube! He does one for each chakra, each around ten minutes long (he offers longer ones as well, but I've been stuck on the 10 min ones which are down toward the bottom of the playlist). I love to listen to these on headphones because I think you get the most benefit this way- you can literally feel it clearing and balancing. Just having them in while you work at the computer or whatever is totally effective.

These are great, way underpriced astro planners by Mystic Medusa. I got one for both my Sun and Rising sign. She details everything coming up in '17, *plus* has a whole section on new and full moons and how to work them to your advantage. She has a very positive yet pragmatic approach that I really appreciate!

Jessica Snow Meditations! Every month she offers a free guided meditation on her site (scroll down to access it), and has others for purchase (totally reasonably) on her site too. I signed up for her mailing list so I'd just automatically get tipped off when a new free meditation went up. Most guided meditations totally annoy me, but these ones are cool and definitely help tune me up.