29 January 2013

uranus and the hierophant

It's funny what the cards bring up. I haven't been using my new Tarot cards every day yet, but I am able to get some good sessions in on the weekends and sometimes at night during the week. I made a point to wake up earlier than usual today, to get some centering time to myself. I didn't go to bed earlier than usual last night- still stayed up late. I woke up and drank some coffee and attempted to blog but it wasn't going anywhere, so I drew a card and then decided to meditate. I'm still taking my meditation class. I still need to do at least 10 minutes a day, to get my money's worth. ;) There's only another week left anyway.

The card, by the way, was The Hierophant. It's funny because The Hierophant, in my limited knowledge, represents order in spirituality (aka religion). Learning from an old way, a tradition. Conventional. "An institutionalized way of seeking the sacred." -Biddy. Hmm.

And then there's Uranus. Basically the antithesis of The Hierophant. Individualistic, progressive, here and there and erratic and creative and even destructive. Breaking down new barriers, not exactly focused on religion or teachings of the past. Uranus is prominent in my chart. Not only that, I have been feeling the Uranian energy strongly lately. Organized religion is not, and has never, been my thing. He conjuncts my Mars in Sag, a fire sign (wicked mouth), and is currently transiting my sixth house of daily routine. In Aries. As in, what daily routine? Aries and Uranus both have to do with new, as well. A new phase of life to navigate.

Drawing The Hierophant seems to echo what I was writing about here last week. Holding onto a thread, just a thread, of this energy to help me grow and expand (Jupiter/Sag rules religion and expansion), instead of just floundering. The Hierophant stresses having a teacher, a guide, on this leg of your journey. Of course. Of course Tarot is right. Right now I do need a guide, I AM being guided to meditate every day, because otherwise I WOULD NOT DO IT. I would talk about how good it is for me and how it's something I've been meaning to do, and might even meditate for a couple minutes before passing out at night but it is not the same thing. It's not structured, it's not setting a foundation, it's nothing I can grow from. Guidance is necessary... And even if I can't always have a physical guide, being able to better direct myself.

I'm imagining The Hierophant in my 6th house now, along with Uranus. Providing an outlet, which I think, too, will help me use the Uranus energy that can be so good and so creative and so progressive, if I'm in a better place to receive it. Ya know? Instead of indulging it's lower tendencies...

Organized Spirituality meets...
Uranus, just spinning around on it's side. Doing it's own thing.

23 January 2013

navigating daily life

Boy have I felt scattered today so far, and the past week. I'm sure lots of you feel that way too, with all the different facets of life to keep up with... jobs, other work, school, kids, families, pets, friends, relationships, keeping up with your home, travel...

AND THEN the things we value but have to squeeze in between the things listed above... writing, blogging, art, music, meditating, exercise, FUN, other endeavors, spending time in nature, spending time in the city... what have you. Let's not forget the guilt that can come with neglecting the top list for things on this one...

It feels a little overwhelming at times, right? I've been trying to get a rhythm down... not a strict schedule, but a certain... flow, to my days. Well, I guess it IS a schedule of sorts, but it's super flexible. Even though day to day can vary a lot, there are certain core things that I need to make time for every day. I am feeling the learning curve of it all, but so far it has helped, somewhat, the scattered feeling, if I can think back to my general time map of what I should be doing... it feels like work, to an extent, but GOOD work, if that makes any sense?

Today I'm a little out of it. The moon is void of course, so the moon's a little out there today too. Void of course, or VOC moon means that it's not making any aspects with any of the other planets. To me it feels almost like a free fall of sorts, unattached  It's in Gemini which can feel this way anyway, unfocused because we're trying to focus on too many things... I feel like I'm vibing with the moon. I could have slept all day, I'll tell you that right now. :) I have a certain song I've been obsessed with (I get like that with songs), and have been listening to it over and over to help me focus somewhat. Necessary when blogging or doing readings. Otherwise I get distracted by every little thing.

Second day of my meditation class. It's a challenge, for sure, for me, to meditate every day. Yesterday I did two five minute stretches. Did one ten minute session today. I started to have the thought yesterday that there's no way I will be able to do this every day... I'm too busy... but that's kind of the point... to work these things, that are important to you and beneficial and really help you to be on the path you want to be on, into your life... slowly, slowly, so it sticks...

21 January 2013


This is super quick, just checking in- I wasn't very good at being around last week! It's a funny time of morning now, worked on a reading when I first woke up, then playtime and chores with the little one. My concentration is all but gone for the morning- I'm planning a nice session this afternoon, will finish the reading and I also have some cards to pull for people. :)

This makes me feel good. Reading charts and doing card pulls/spreads is work that I truly love, although I am just starting on the path, and am still in the learning, gathering information and synthesizing it stage... I really want this to be my career. Or, a big part of my career.

A friend and I were discussing the other day how intimate it can be to have a reading done. Having someone see your chart, or cards related to your situation, can be revealing. And sometimes I feel like I'm getting TOO intimate. Like, where's the line on what's too personal to talk about? I realized about myself as a reader that I don't want to NOT go there, ever. Honesty is important to me. I want to be real with what I see and not put up illusions... As my Astrology teacher asked this morning, about Saturn's transit and how it's affecting us, Saturn going through my first is really knocking down any illusions I had about myself... and going over my natal Pluto, much is being revealed... and this is just the beginning! How are you feeling it?

Also, Happy MLK, Jr. Day! From my facebook page, one of my favorite quotes of all time. By the way, he was a Capricorn with a Pisces moon and Taurus rising. Pisces=Vision. Capricorn=Putting in the hard work. Taurus=Not backing down!


17 January 2013

In search of less.

All I want to do is purge my home of things I don't need or use anymore. If I ever did at all. I just did this about a month ago, but the urge is creeping back up. The post-Christmas/birthday business. We live in a small space. Which is fine. I'm used to small spaces. :) I just don't like them to feel cramped and cluttered.

I have a nearly-empty fourth house in my chart, but right now (Capricorn/Aquarius season!), I have many transiting planets there. Cleaning house.  It feels like a cleansing on so many levels. I want to cleanse my home, my brain, my spirit. And to do that you have to go through some shit. You have to go through all the junk that isn't serving you anymore but is still hard to part with because you've had it for so long.

Capricorn wants to reach its goals, one summit at a time. Mars in Aquarius (also going through my fourth) creates the sense of urgency. Fourth house is the home, the spaces we dwell in and also the home of our souls, aka our bodies. The cusp of the fourth house is called the Imum Coeli, or IC, and I once read that this is the point where the soul enters the body. Fourth house is also feelings, emotions.

Trying to cleanse my mental states of stress that pop up. One thing that helps is, when I feel overwhelmed, is to consciously give the stressful feelings away to the universe (or deity of your choice). To get them out of your body. This is a mental/spiritual exercise but you can feel it in your body, as stress affects the body so much... Giving away the junk. This allows new things, better things, to come in. If the space is clogged up, nothing more can come in. That goes for our physical homes, too. :)

I suppose what I'm really trying to do is care for these things, my physical and spiritual homes, myself and my body, and it is somewhat foreign to me, so I need to write about it apparently! (Actually, Mercury, aka communication, is there as well so I guess I really do! haha). What needs your attention and care right now?

The Ace of Cups, my favorite of the limited number of Tarot cards I've seen so far. My understanding of the card- spiritual abundance spills over to material abundance...

14 January 2013

three card draw

I purchased my first-ever Tarot deck last week. I am a super beginner with Tarot, and while I've done a couple of draws for myself I feel more like... the deck is using me, than I am using it, at this point. haha. I'm not fully confident! So, I have been doing some research on the topic to try to learn more.

Because I'd been so engrossed with my Tarot deck, I had strayed from my original card deck, my Avalon oracle cards. Yesterday I went to do a draw with Tarot but realized that I missed my Avalon cards, so I did a draw with those instead. Just a quick three-card spread, not even focusing on a particular question, I just wanted to see what came up.

The Grail Knight, The Queen, and Letting Go.

The basic message: Let go of past relationship issues/troubles (romantic or otherwise) to have the best possible present.
Some details:
The Grail Knight stands for love, either of yourself or romantically. He asks you to choose love, and to seek the sacred. Choosing to focus on these things. He also reminds us that with everything, there is light and shadow. Be willing to see the shadow side to avoid illusion.

The Queen represents all things pertaining to women. Fertility, which yes, could be literally, but more generally metaphorically. Creativity. What are you creating? What life are you creating for yourself? How can you revel in the beauty of life? She also represents self-worth, having fun, and boundaries. Boundaries, but without isolation. 

If you are very sensitive to the energies/feelings of others, you can draw a boundary, shield yourself, to not absorb them. Just reminding yourself of this boundary if you're starting to feel affected by another can be enough. If you need a visual, I was once told to envision a bubble around yourself. :) You can still see and talk to the other person, and love them, but their energy can't leak over to you.

Letting Go. This represents a release of attachments, expectations, unfulfilled desired. Relinquish control. Be light and free. The past can be heavy and weigh us down if we let it...

Do these cards resonate with you? Feel free to share your tips for healthy boundaries for sensitive types.

13 January 2013

weekend links

Laying low on the blogging front over the weekend, but I'll be back fresh on Monday. :) Meanwhile, here's a few random things from around the internet to peruse if you'd like...

perfect chill music. cuddledub?

Meditation "retreat" (at your own home), hosted by Aliza from MoonPluto Astrology. $25 is a steal. I've taken lots of classes with Aliza and she is a really insightful and attentive teacher.     -MoonPluto Astrology

Crazy cool post about psychic indicators in the chart. So interesting.      -AstroRevelations

Also taking the chance to plug my Astrology board on Pinterest. :) Come play!     -Pinterest

10 January 2013

Love Fest Day

...Is the day when the Moon crosses Venus. This is a great video from Astrologer Chris Witeki from Soul Garden. Just wanted to share with y'all! xoxo

09 January 2013

something for the capricorns

...and by that I mean, Capricorn suns or moons or an otherwise inclined Capricorn type. :)
(Saturn, ruling planet of Capricorn, in Capricorn? Oh, yes. You're included!)

Made by a Capricorn, can be found here.
-The sea-goat
-"Sea" represents the sub/unconscious, spiritual realm. Capricorn partially resides there, which is why so many of them are artists of some sort.
-Many people with Capricorn placements are feeling transformed, challenged, or even stuck (if resisting change), as Pluto, planet of transformation, transits the sign. 
-Capricorn, ruled by Saturn, can resist expansion of their natural talents and enjoyments. Your instinct may be to restrict yourself. This may be related to not feeling worthy, as they have such high expectations for themselves.
-A message to Capricorn types: you are worthy, you are talented. Put that work ethic of yours into pursuits that are meaningful to you.

Happy New Moon!

new moon in capricorn time!

The moon moves into Capricorn in the wee hours of the night, at 3:54 am eastern time. The new moon will be exact at 2:44 pm est on Friday!

There's lots of other Capricorn action in the sky right now, as well- Mercury and Capricorn and Pluto, oh my! And the sun too!

Do you have planets in Capricorn? If so, there's a good chance they are being transited by the planets in Capricorn right now. If you peek at your chart and see the house(s) where Capricorn lies (even if you don't have any planets there), it will give you clues as to the areas of your life being affected right now.

Let's say you have a Capricorn moon. All the planetary movement in Capricorn, then, is raising topics surrounding your needs and security. What do you need to feel secure, and do you feel as though it is attainable? How are you striving for this security- from outside sources, or from within yourself ? Either way, creating a strong foundation is paramount.

Taking it one step further- say your Capricorn moon is in the third house. This house is very mentally based, and has to do with things pertaining to communication (verbal and written), light daily travel, and relationships with brothers and sisters. How are you feeling about these topics? Perhaps relationships with siblings are feeling tested, or you're trying to communicate more openly with your loved ones but you're running into speed bumps. The new moon here is going to bring a focus to these topics, and if you are receptive to a solution- rather than just focusing on the problem itself- you may have a revelation, OR at least realize that you want to move forward with these things.

If you're a Capricorn sun, you may feel as though your entire being is on a wild ride. And I don't necessarily mean that in a bad way! You are growing. Up or down? Shying away or trying to embrace it?

I've talked about different meanings of the houses here. Take a minute, put your info into Astro and see what number your Capricorn house is. We ALL have a Capricorn house, so even if you don't have any planets there you still have an area of life (house) being affected. Then you can refer to this handy cheat sheet to see the area of your life being brought into focus- remember, this is where the sun and moon will be, as they are conjunct during a new moon. Illumination inside and out!

Traditional zodiac with house and sign affiliations. In which houses do you have planets?

08 January 2013

sag moon redux

Re: my most recent blog post, I received some feedback in which my friend A hilariously noted that I had gotten "a little ADD" and strayed from the topic of actual moon in Sagittarius. Which was the entire original point! It made me giggle since it's SO true (I heart feedback, btw), and instead of making edits after the fact, I decided to just clean it up with another short little blog post. :)

Anyway- moon in Sag! Aspects aside, this is generally regarded as a happy, sociable time. Could be a little freewheeling (look out for rash decision-making). A good time for self-reflection/evaluation, and spiritual/philosophical endeavors. (Side note: I purchased my first ever deck of Tarot cards today, during the Sag moon. Not planned that way- just, the shop I got them at was closed yesterday. :) ).

So that's sort of the general mood of Sag moon. There are more layers. For one, the aspects (interactions) the moon makes with other planetary bodies. Today, the moon made many different aspects- the moon is/was busy! So this takes the general energy of the moon and bends it a bit.

For example, an opposition to Jupiter in Gemini happened earlier today. Sensitive types may still be picking up on this theme- reconciling our needs (the moon) with that which we want to expand (jupiter). Where these two transiting planets fall in your chart will give you more clues. For example, if you had the transiting moon in the fourth house, and Jupiter in the tenth, you may be feeling a bit of a tug of war between your basic, family, home-based needs (fourth house- are you feeling as though you're in a shell?) and the desire to expand your career (tenth house). How can you meet in the middle? That's what oppositions encourage... And I just inadvertently talked about the second layer- where the planets fall specifically in your chart. That's where astrology gets personal, and becomes a helpful psychological tool. And that is why I'm obsessed with Astrology. Psychology undergrad turned Astrologer-in-training. :)

The moon is in Sagittarius until early morning Thursday. Embrace this monthly retreat to those Sag endeavors!
Expanding on your needs... one theme from today. :)

hello sagittarius moon

Last night and a little while this morning has been devoted to reading on Sky Writer. Donna Cunningham is unstoppable! Her Q&A articles in particular are just a wealth of astrological information. I think I'll just read one article and end up reading like nine!

Today the moon is in Sagittarius. Moon in Sag feels like a breath of fresh air for me- out of the intensity of Moon in Scorpio (which isn't inherently bad or anything, but I do have limits to how deep I can go before I feel overloaded!), and a break before the different kind of intensity that moon in Capricorn brings these days, as Capricorn moon conjuncts transiting Pluto. Not that that placement has to be labeled bad or anything either, to me it just feels heavy and like... staying in. Gathering energy. The new moon this month will be in Capricorn, in Friday.

The moon moves quickly. New sign every ~2.5 days. Moods and themes can change quickly. My advice is to roll with it rather than trying to resist. If you feel particularly... antisocial, or internally based, honor that within yourself, even if external circumstances are a bit... squeezing. This can be something as small as treating yourself to a hot tea or coffee in the midst of a busy day at work when you're just not feeling it at all.

Venus also will be joining the sun, pluto (and soon the moon) in Capricorn, late tonight eastern time. 11:11, to be exact. :) Love is going down deep, not necessarily cuddly, but then the specifics depend on your OWN personal chart- where is your Capricorn house? I also think this will have the potential to be revealing in your relationships. What will you uncover?

I'm getting ahead of myself- one transit at a time. Hi, Sagittarius moon! How do you notice the current moon?

Sagittarius region of the galaxy.

07 January 2013

blocks and clearing.

How do you deal with blockages?

They show themselves in all sorts of ways, and while the antidote seems simple, especially if it's surrounding doing something, like writing, for example- just do it-  it's not. It's like you have to drag yourself, and even if you are able to it, it can feel forced or stiff or just like there's no SOUL in it and it's frustrating.

With me I feel irritable when I'm blocked. If I've been neglecting myself and some semblance of a daily routine of care. And I was feeling this today, bad. It feels gross and heavy. I made myself meditate for, oh, 7ish minutes. I sometimes (often) put it off because I feel like it takes up too much time. Like it's going to be boring when there's other stuff I need to do. But it's never either of those things. Again. Blocks. Resisting.

So since I do rush things sometimes when I'm by myself (My Mars and Uranus are conjunct, and one thing that is, is impatience! In the third house, matters of the mind. btw). My solution was to do a speedy chakra cleanse. Started at the bottom and cleared each one, just moving my hand clockwise (like you're the clock) in front of each chakra. You also raise your energy while doing this- this is energy work, and can feel it at the top of your head. Today it felt like pressure being released. Tangible pressure. Woah. How long had it been? Too long. Far too long.

It's important to feel clear.  I work with people and cards and charts sometimes, (and I would really like to do it more), and I need to be clear before doing this. I don't want to cloud anything, ya know? I need everything to flow. :) Even just in daily matters, daily interactions.

here's a handy guide. ;)

And if you're into it- some Ravi Shankar.

How else can you combat the winter blues?

02 January 2013


Attempting a post from my phone, I haven't done much with the blogger app so far and wanted to give it a whirl.
I'm pretty much recovered at this point (yay!), and am just trying to stay warm from the Arctic weather that has taken over Maine.
Also wanted to share that a big goal of mine for 2013 is blogging very regularly (like, daily), and maybe even making this my job... which I would love. So much. :)
Many thanks to those of you who read this, it means very much to me and I'm so grateful!
The moon's in Virgo today, which I'm seeing as a good transition type day, getting us back into the swing of daily life after the holidays. Good day to get back to business, tidied up, and getting a sense of accomplishment out of it... working to propel you forward in this new year! Plus this trines the sun in Capricorn with the Earth energy, which can be both grounding AND expansive. That which arises from steady work, steady practice. Are you feeling it? How do you want to ground and expand in the new year?
Xo everyone, hope you're all having a fabulous day and making creative solutions to whatever pops up...