02 January 2013


Attempting a post from my phone, I haven't done much with the blogger app so far and wanted to give it a whirl.
I'm pretty much recovered at this point (yay!), and am just trying to stay warm from the Arctic weather that has taken over Maine.
Also wanted to share that a big goal of mine for 2013 is blogging very regularly (like, daily), and maybe even making this my job... which I would love. So much. :)
Many thanks to those of you who read this, it means very much to me and I'm so grateful!
The moon's in Virgo today, which I'm seeing as a good transition type day, getting us back into the swing of daily life after the holidays. Good day to get back to business, tidied up, and getting a sense of accomplishment out of it... working to propel you forward in this new year! Plus this trines the sun in Capricorn with the Earth energy, which can be both grounding AND expansive. That which arises from steady work, steady practice. Are you feeling it? How do you want to ground and expand in the new year?
Xo everyone, hope you're all having a fabulous day and making creative solutions to whatever pops up...


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