01 December 2012

edvard munch and the dark

It's Saturday again. It's already pitch black here in Maine. Has been since about 4. I feel unsettled. I just discovered Planet Watcher yesterday. Love how easy it makes it; all the past, current, and upcoming transits are listed. Still, so much Scorpio in the sky, but Sag provides a lifeline.

I looked up Edvard Munch's birth chart the other night. I don't remember how but I came across The Scream online somewhere, a print of which hangs up in one of my sister's room and that my son once said was "mama." heh. Anyway, that all led to me looking up his chart and actually his birthday was in not even two weeks from now, the 12th of December. I ended up reading his biography too and it was so interesting.

But back to the chart, Capricorn moon, trine Pluto in Taurus. Slow moving but powerful. Uranus in Gemini, the thought of which just makes my head spin. It makes me think of madness, not for the individual in particular but just as a theme for the day... the mid-1800s. And so, so much Scorpio in his chart. Intense undertones. Like a hidden passageway, or something. Not unlike the sky right now- Sag, but lots of Scorpio in the sky, with Saturn, Mercury, Venus, and the North Node of the moon there...Add in the Cancer moon stirring things up inside us and it feels wild, but in an understated way. Madness? Heh. Kidding...

Well this ramble of a post is coming to a close. :) Happy Saturday...

The universal appeal of The Scream. "Is the money you make worth the price you pay?" (Graham Nash)


  1. Love this blog!!! never know what will be the next topic. WAY TO MIX THINGS UP, AND KEEP IT FRESH!

    1. Thank you! And thanks for reading! :)