03 September 2012

thanks, pinterest: feng shui at work link

By request, here is a link for a great article on how to feng shui your work space. 
(wholeliving; couldn't resist sharing the picture that accompanies it)

Just like with your house (and maybe your work space is in your house- mine is!), your work space also has different sectors for health, wealth, etc. It's so easy for desks, or whatever your space happens to be, to get so cluttered- I'm talking about mine right now. :/ Not that there's a lot on it, just that it isn't very big to begin with and I have a toddler who is constantly getting into everything, so I have to keep precious commodities like pens hidden so I can actually sometimes find one when I actually need it (but usually not), so some of my stuff is in weird places, which doesn't help the desk situation. So, challenges! I want to give it a makeover, anyway. Was the point of that tangent. Since my desk is so small, I'm including the window sill in front of and the bookcase next to the desk as well. Because I use it as such. ;)

Also, this might be just me- nothing feng shui about it that I know- but having my desk face a window is really nice. Sometimes I need to take breaks to look outside and it helps. :)

Let me know if you try any aspect of this and if you like the arrangement!

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  1. I like the plant on the desk, it's a nice touch.