06 September 2012

elusive creativity

So I'm taking this amazing astrology class, courtesy of moonpluto (her blog is awesome as well, I highly recommend it), and last night I had a bit of an a-ha moment while learning about one of the asteroids (Vesta). She's in my fifth house- which rules, among other things, creativity, children, and spirituality. Now, I have Jupiter there, so I know that this is a BIG area of my life. But as much as I love each of these things, I do need breaks. I need peace and space from time to time. From them, and with them! Does that make sense?

And last night, I kind of realized- I've been so intellectually focused, like on learning and words and communicating them- that I'd been neglecting the other parts of me! Like, my body (physical self), and doing things like meditation (spiritual)- I had just been totally focused on learning, and it was draining the rest of me! I literally NEED balance or parts of me can't function properly! lol. And I think that *this* also contributes to the creative blocks I am forever experiencing.

Another thing I learned- While I do have a penchant for daily work in life, I have felt a bit lost when trying to apply this concept to my creative life (and I use the word "creative" in a broad sense to encompass inspiration, drive to create, actual creation, etc.), i.e., "scheduling" time to write, art, whatever. This works great with all of my other tasks- I love making lists, completing tasks, feeling busy- but it just doesn't work in this area of life. Scheduling=forcing it. And I say this, in class, and moonpluto says how it's going to come up at odd times- I can be creative at weird times and places. And it's true. I was just over-thinking it, trying to apply to it a concept that just doesn't work, and I didn't realize it at all! 

Seriously, this is why I am obsessed with astrology- there's ALWAYS something new to be learned, a new aspect of yourself to better understand... it's fascinating.

How are you creative? Thoughts on the subject? I'd love to hear.

love in the sand.

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