14 January 2011

Sign change?

I feel like I should post something about this whole alleged sign change/13th sign rumor going around. In short, don't worry about it, your sign hasn't changed. This is because the Astrology style used in most of the western hemisphere is Tropical Astrology. With Tropical (Traditional) Astrology, the zodiac is based on the earth, sun, and seasons. Tropical means "turning point." For example, every year, the vernal equinox marks the beginning of Aries (the astrological new year), and 30 degrees (a.k.a. days) later, the sign of Taurus begins, and so on and so forth. This form of astrology has been around since ancient times, and is very precise.
Sideral Astrology bases the zodiac according to the constellations in regards to the Earth's position. The Earth's position shifts, shifts, and shifts some more, which is why you're hearing all this hype about your sign changing. All of this is nothing new, it's just being promoted by what I'm guessing was a slow news day. Traditional astrologers also argue that the constellations have more to do with the ages, e.g. The Age of Aquarius.

Actually, there's more than just these two forms of astrology. There's also Draconic astrology, for example. Really, it's just more ways to further analyze someone. The system from which you know your sign to be- tropical astrology- hasn't changed at all, and never will.

Okay, the 13th sign, Ophiuchus. It, also, is nothing new. Ophiuchus is the serpent bearer. I've always kind of thought as Ophiuchus as a sub-sign for late Scorpios and early Sagittarius. It adds a bit of intense energy to those born at these times. Fun fact- Scorpio is also known as the Serpent, Eagle, and Phoenix in addition to the Scorpion in different cultures. So I personally think of Ophiuchus as adding some of that Scorpion energy to early Sagittarians, and maybe adding an extra layer of it to late Scorpios.

Okay, that's it. I still think it's funny that all of this was marketed as breaking news or whatever. If you want to know more, hit me up or just do a search for tropical/sideral astrology.

02 January 2011

New Year/Check yourself before you wreck yourself

In honor of it being a new year and resolutions being abound (if you're into that kind of thing), I thought I'd touch upon each sign's qualities and how to work with that energy to have an amazingly wonderful year. Much love~Here's what I have...

{Side note: In addition to your sun sign, you may also want to read your moon sign or other sign that you have a lot of planets in for maximum insight}

Aries: Anyone who has ever encountered you likely knows how driven and determined you are. And it's also pretty likely that you are actively working towards a goal (or several!), be it personal, professional, or otherwise. But is everything on your plate of top priority of you? While striving toward your goals, don't forget to hold onto your priorities, what is really important to you. You have a tendency to throw yourself into things, so try not to go so far as to lose what makes you unique and awesome. And by the same token, if something you're working toward doesn't feel quite feel right or as fulfilling as you had hoped, maybe it's time to reevaluate if it's absolutely paramount you keep participating. 

Taurus: Routines are a big part of your life- even if you consider yourself a spontaneous person (which you probably don't), there's probably at least one small cycle that you repeat methodically every day, perhaps without even really realizing it (that's how ingrained it is!). This helps you feel centered, safe, and more in control, as well as keep you organized. A lot of good comes from it! Just make sure that these routines are helping to move you forward, and not holding you back and making you feel stuck. Of course you want to feel comfortable in life, but don't do it at the expense of what could be positive change. Mixing something up just a little bit could have a profound effect on your motivation, personal growth, and life in general. Enjoy it!

Gemini: You have a wide range of interests, but tend to gravitate toward one or two (or two for each you?) in particular. This year, why not try to develop these passions to the extent you always mean to but never get around to, due to everything else you have going on in and outside of the brain of yours! Idle time doing things that keep you busy but mostly just on mental autopilot can seem to be stress relief for you, but are actually sucking your mental juices dry. If you just devote a little extra time to the things you love (and really believe in), just wait and see what good happens...

Cancer: Relationships are super important to you (as they are to many of us, regardless of our sun sign), but it runs a little deeper than most for the crab. Just make sure you take time for yourself and your own interests. Independence is healthy, and can even enhance your relationship by giving you more to talk about with and show your partner. If you're single, keep working on doing what you love and being the best version of yourself you can be. Don't throw yourself so much into your work (or less constructive habits) to distract yourself from your emotions or negativity, though. Those pesky things always have a way of coming out, so try really hard to deal with them constructively, and as soon as possible. Don't let them win and make you miserable for who knows how long. (PS- even if you think you're not affecting others with your mood, you most definitely are. Please use this power for good... you will definitely be rewarded).

Leo: As the star of the zodiac (and the solar system, as Leo is ruled by the sun), you require a lot of attention and praise for your many accomplishments. You may seem super confident, but there's a insecure streak in you that is the basis for this need. Remember that you don't need others' opinions to shape yourself, and what you believe and think of yourself is really most important. It may sound cliche', but is oh so true. Try just looking at what your motivation is for the things you do, and if it's purely to prove yourself to someone else, put your hardworking energy into something truly worthwhile instead!

Virgo: You're organized, you're striving toward perfection, your home is immaculate. Control makes you feel secure, but there's always something nagging at you that you need to perfect! While most control is an illusion, remember that you can't truly change other people; only yourself. And the things you try to change in others, are often parts in yourself that you have or do struggle with. Try to relax in a constructive way- you are talented in so many ways, often creatively- harness some of that energy when you catch yourself leering over a loved one's (mostly harmless) behavior. Imagine the things you could create with that drive!

Libra: 2010 was likely a more disciplined year for you, with Saturn in your sign. This theme will continue in 2011, and while this is great- you have, and are on your way to, accomplishing major things- you have likely been even busier than usual, so be sure to carve out some time during which you can reconnect with yourself in a real way, whatever that means to you. Like I said about Aries, your polarity (opposite sign), make sure you don't lose parts of your wonderful self while being so involved in whatever you're working so hard toward. And if something doesn't totally line up with your beliefs, it may be time to let it go and embrace the calm that will come in its place, as it doesn't take much to tip your scales and get you out of sorts.

Scorpio: Tunnel vision=Your state of sight lately, non? We all know how you are- sign of extremes, you put your all into your goal, be it career, education, what have you... blah, blah. blah. I know it's incredibly difficult for you, but try to be just a teensy bit less polarized. I said just a teensy bit! Try widening that vision just a scoche, because otherwise you're going to miss out on a whole lotta good in your life, and trust me, you do NOT want to let those things pass you by because you're too busy being obsessive! It's great to be so motivated and all, but you have a tendency to get so extreme that you begin to get sucked into negativity, imagining the worst and making mountains out of molehills- symptoms of tunnel vision mentality! So take a step back, show your love to your supporters, and find a hobby that, dare I say it... relaxes you?

Sagittarius: If you've been feeling nice and chilled out, I'm glad. Some life stresses could be getting you down, but of course that's only temporary with your optimism. Keep those good feelings going by not losing sight of what you want, and, of course, exploration, may it be by travel or reading or something I don't even know about. :P Just look out for your self-sabotaging moves- I'm sure you have some inkling, if nothing else, as to what yours are- and counter with being honest with yourself about what's really going on. It can be really difficult to pinpoint, never mind actually do, but this honesty and connection with yourself can lead to enlightenment, and isn't that what Sadge's are all about?

Capricorn: You have a conflicting dynamic between your emotion and logic, which can impair your decision making.You may feel something deep down, but drown it out in favor of a mental pro/con list or just staying in limbo. This year, try to embrace your instincts. This may sound too hokey to you, but just try a little bit at a time and you won't be disappointed- you won't let yourself down if you follow what you already know. You sea goats are wise, more so than you give yourself credit for. If you haven't, read The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. Don't be afraid of change and new things, Capricorn. With your inner (and outer) resources, there's nothing you can't achieve. There's more to you than you give yourself credit for.

Aquarius: Such a funky and eclectic bunch. I have a feeling the majority of you are already doing what it is you want to be, and if you're not, you soon will be. You just have to be you, and that is fabulous. Keep reading and taking in all the new information you need to feel fulfilled, and always keep learning. So important for you. Not that you need me to tell you that- you already can't put whatever your latest book you're reading down. Just remember to have real conversations with your people, and don't be afraid to go above your comfort zone and speak your true feelings. Since you can be a bit aloof, it will be a relief to your loved ones to hear what's really going on with you. Improving your human connections in this way will improve your quality of life even more!

Pisces: What do you really want out of life? What are your real priorities, not just what you think they should be? Is there quite a disconnect between those two things? This shouldn't be anything new to you; just another day being a conflicted fish. I would know! This is what I'm feeling, though- We need to get back to our roots, our true selves. We need to consciously BE the person we want to be. Because otherwise, we feel out of sorts and like a limp fish, being carried along by life. And that's not really a pretty visual. But how to do it... I think we all know the answer for ourselves, it's that thing we "should" do, but never make time for... For me that would be meditating on my own, working out every day, being creative every day... But I'm working on it. The things we do, thoughts we think every day mold us, make us become who we are (no matter what our intentions are otherwise)... So we had better make it good.

xx, happy new year!

01 January 2011

Hello There

Happy New Year! There's a new post in the works which should be up tomorrow. Just wanted to mention that I welcome suggestions from anyone who reads this- content-wise, or otherwise. If there's a certain subject or personal situation you want some astro-insight on, let me know! You can do so anonymously if you wish, I respect your privacy. ;) I hope everyone's enjoying 2011 so far and keeping the good energy going!