19 March 2015

pre-eclipse//heavy fog//pisces

Total solar eclipse happening at 5 am-ish tomorrow et. As if the recent, final, square between Uranus and Pluto wasn't enough, occurring just three days ago (I'm still reverberating, et toi?). People report feeling as though their head is spinning, like they're in a funk, or a fog, or just have the blues and feel overwhelmed. I've been getting the message that these things can actually be symptoms of a psychological/emotional detox, that there is something happening at a deeper level in your consciousness, even if it doesn't *feel* like anything's happening. Trippy, right?

And I got the craving to create, maybe to try to deal with it, even though "create" merely consisted of taking some pictures (with my phone... so creative), and this here blog post on this nearly-forgotten blog. I've been feeling a connection to either ancient ancestory of the witchy variety, or perhaps a past self. I asked for clues in my dreams last night but I don't remember anything obvious. So much water in my dreams lately. Emotions, the psyche. I'm a late-degree Piscean and I am feeling this eclipse buildup strongly.

I hope you are well, wherever this finds you. Hello.

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