11 December 2012

sometimes i draw instead of blog

...and it's pretty loltastic. the girl in the daytime part of the chart is just REALLY happy, okay?! heh.

anyway, it's basically just some thoughts on different houses in the chart, of which there are 12. each has a natural ruler and qualities that sort of govern the house, and then your specific chart fills in the details...

the top half of the chart is the "daytime" part. what's we're putting out into the world, and where. could be obvious, but not obvious because it has been for so long. relating to the other in any sense of the word. it's bright even where it's dark.

and the bottom half is the "nighttime" part of the chart. a focus on your inner workings, what comes out, what's created from these spaces in one's chart... beneath the surface. even the light is dark, light reflected in the moon and stars.

this is obviously SUPER first draft. posting this because i haven't done anything here in days, and i tried writing something and it just felt forced and wasn't going anywhere. feeling a restriction in that third house. i need to be adaptable in the ways i communicate and work and travel...
(am i the only one starting to be confronted by my control issues?)

(control=scorpio=solar plexus chakra. you can physically work on negative stuff around control issues by working on this chakra. you can visualize it being light and clear and bright yellow like the sun. you can rest a hand there, or a crystal or a stone. breathe there. mind/body. stray thoughts from yesterday, and yes there's lots of scorpio in the sky right now, although the moon no longer is there, has moved on to sagittarius).

okay, so i wrote more than i thought i would. hello to whoever reads this. :)


  1. I enjoy when you talk about chakras in relation to astrology. Thank you for the cool post!

  2. Nice to see another side of your creativity! keep posting!

  3. thank YOU ladies for reading! :)

  4. I haven't been blogging a lot either - but i am enjoying your astro-drawing above xoxo

    1. it's so hard to get motivated sometimes isn't it?! thanks for reading Mary! :) Are you still in moonpluto land? (i'm hoping to come back soon...)

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