31 December 2012

the notion of karmic relationships

Ugh. Was sick all weekend, and while I feel MUCH better today than I did two days ago, I'm still a far cry from being 100%. But, I wanted to attempt a blog post (warning: have not yet consumed caffeine).

So I was thinking about relationships, in particular the notion of karmic relationships. There are clues to them within yours and another's chart, (while I'm no expert on the topic, yours and another's nodes can be one piece to the puzzle). But that's not really what I wanted to talk about.

For so long I wanted to have that sort of connection with another human being- to be with someone I was supposed to be with, fated, perhaps. I had an epiphany when I read somewhere- and gah, it's driving me crazy that I can't remember where I read it- perhaps MoonPluto? That just because a relationship does have that fated, or karmic, quality, doesn't necessarily make it good.

This notion was major for me, and actually took a weight off me. Took away some pressure, something to worry about.

Of course, it could be a wonderful thing. Or it could simply be part of a negative cycle that keeps going and going. And some relationships do feel like that, non? You can't be together, but you can't be apart. It feels like love and it feels like pain.

But that doesn't mean that you have to be together, ya know? You can become free, and begin a new cycle. :)

Was there a real point to this blog post? Not really. This topic has just been on my mind a bit, and I wanted to write a blurb on it.

Hi to everyone, and Happy New Years Eve. :) Be safe and have fun- I will be nursing what has turned into a head cold, and most likely in bed by ten. :) Here's to a healthy 2013!

rasta kitty will make me feel better.

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