18 November 2013

time and guiding lights

I was watching Kaypacha (a.k.a. Tom Lescher) on his weekly Pele Report and he was talking about, amongst other things, the current collective perception of time. How it feels like it's speeding up, whizzing past us, we can't keep up. I'm paraphrasing, here is the video in its entirety if you are interested:

This struck such a chord with me. I've been lamenting time for months now, casually dropping it in with conversations with acquaintances I normally keep things light with because the subject is taking up so much space in my head.

Saturn. Saturn (Capricorn) is the keeper of time. The years. While Mercury (Gemini/Virgo) is more day to day...

I think it's really easy for these feelings to snowball into feeling like a failure, like you haven't done ENOUGH with your time, where has it gone, have I been a good enough partner, parent, person, friend over the years. And it's so easy to see the cracks, your not so great moments, the things you should have done in retrospect, but hindsight is always 20/20...

But, and this is partially for myself, don't let that icky feeling, that blend of nostalgia and reflection and that feeling of that time is gone forever/I can never go back pull you in. As Caroline Casey says in the fabulous book, Making the Gods Work for You, don't fall, but instead, dive. Feel it. Maybe take something from the feelings. Why do you feel that way? Maybe not. Either way. And please don't forget all the amazing things you've done, too. Cherish who and what you love. And maybe these feelings can help to remind us what is really important. Where we wish we would've done more. Maybe this can help to guide us in the present and the future. :)

Are you feeling it?