30 August 2012

Sun Sign Basics.

The sun sign is what western astrology is based on. It's the sign you reply with when someone asks you what your sign is. It's where the earth is, in relation to the sun, the day you were born. Every birthday marks your solar return. That's where the expression, "and many happy returns!" comes from.

I'm thinking I'll list the signs, ruling planet(s), and anything off the top of my head I can think of. 

Aries: Ruled by Mars, the red planet. This energy is independent, assertive, with a strong sense of self. Not afraid of, may even willingly hunt for and take on, challenges.

Taurus: Ruled by Venus. Taurus is characterized by love and beauty in nature, environment, in general. The definition of such, will of course vary. Security. Finances. Steadfastness. (Some may say stubborn... what?)

Gemini: Ruled by Mercury. Intelligent, a bit erratic, unique. That brain is always thinking, always going, sometimes multiple trains of thought at once!

Cancer: Ruled by the moon. The moon waxes and wanes, and especially influences the emotional states of those with Cancer prominent in their charts.  

Leo: Ruled by the sun. This energy is obviously warm and expansive, but wants/needs attention and recognition for all that they do. Also generally affectionate and generous.

Virgo: Ruled by Mercury, as well as Gemini. The energy is expressed differently in Virgo, though. Virgo is characterized by a strong work ethic and "purity of purpose" in their ideals (some may say "perfectionist"). Also loyal and truthful.

Libra: Ruled by Venus. This sign is all about relating, to themselves and to others. It also rules beauty and is intellectual in approach and nature. Balance is especially important for Libra types.

Scorpio: Ruled by Pluto, but before Pluto was discovered it was ruled by Mars. Scorpio's energy is deep and intense, and this power can be used for good or otherwise. They have potential to be great healers.

Sagittarius: Ruled by Jupiter. Expansion in all areas of life is a focus for Sadges. Travel, philosophy, education (formal or not), spirituality, art, and the like- these are all very important to this sign.

Capricorn: Ruled by Saturn. Very capable energy- they can do anything. May at times feel fearful of expanding, but this is the lower vibration. The sea-goat wants to keep ascending, and again- are EXTREMELY capable of doing so.

Aquarius: Ruled by Uranus, and was ruled by Saturn before Uranus was discovered. Aquarians are VERY independent, but in a different way than Aries. Aquarians just have to be, whoever they are. Period. To others this may seem rebellious, erratic, or weird, but Aquarians know that what others think doesn't really matter. ;)

Pisces: Ruled by Neptune, and was ruled by Jupiter before Neptune was discovered. Pisces energy is subtle but deep. Their lives may be lead more by intuition than they realize. Art, spirituality, and that which is unconscious, like dreams, interest them. Prone to confusion and escapism, however!

So there's my round up. What do you think?

From adventures in Eastport, Maine.


  1. Liked your information, it was clealy put forth and easily understood!

  2. Oh, I like this! (rama)The idea fairy is kicking in. Thanks!