21 December 2011

It's rainy out there

Astrology gets it's own blog, but I have another one, too, since I'm such a scatterbrain:

15 December 2011

Mars in Virgo and You

Mars is in Virgo, and here to stay for about six months. Some things I'm noticing in myself-

Strong need to clean and organize house, body, chakras.

Maybe this is because I'm a Pisces and Virgo is my opposite, but I'm feeling my shadow self being exposed in bits and pieces- such as my issues with control, with myself and others. I honestly never thought of myself as being such a control freak until it kind of slapped me in the face one day and I saw it all so clearly. But at least I can see it now. And I realize that the desire for control and perfection are both fear-based. I don't have any answers, but suspect I need to treat myself nicely and try to understand and accept... So easy to say, so challenging to practice... but now to work on this... Feel like I've learned so much, but nothing at all, and have so far to go. It's kind of nice, though. Oh to be human.

Another thing I've noticed is quantifying what I want to do in my life, but in small scale ways instead of my usual mega big picture ways. Made a list of things that actually matter to me that I could do with 20 minutes of free time instead of waste it away mindlessly on facebook... Not to say that there isn't a time and place for such things ;)

How are you feeling it?


"Habit is habit, and not to be flung out of the window by any (wo)man, but coaxed downstairs a step at a time." 
Mark Twain

09 November 2011

Full Moon in Taurus

Such a beautiful full moon (officially at midday tomorrow) tonight, and with Jupiter hovering near. Thanks to darker skies appearing earlier in the day, my son and I caught the very beginnings of it's rise in the sky. I took a photo with my phone, so quality wasn't the best...

Worth a gaze, I'd say ;)

07 November 2011


Wow, did today turn super cranky for me. Figuring out where to go on these trails of life can be so hard sometimes. I mean every age and stage is both strange and wonderful, but there seems to be something about mid-20s life that's confusing. I feel pulled in so many different directions, and therefore feel like I'm getting nowhere. Not to complain, it's just a source of frustration for me when I have time, like I do at this moment, to think about it. Now how to tie this into astrology? Neptune has been traveling retrograde for quite a while now. Neptune is a different energy; both illusions and dreams that can be realized, higher selves and the most selfish of lower vibrations. It's the ruler of Pisces. Astrologers say that retrograde Neptune is like being in a fog, a mist, basically not clear headed. And I'm feeling that. Sometimes it can be challenging to know what's real and what isn't, from thoughts to situations to relationships to communication.

However! It is going direct soon. Real soon. November 10th! The thing with Neptune is because it's such an out there planet (in more ways than one), it's influence is kind of a general, less obvious one. It's not in your face, it's just kind of in the background, fading in and out of influence with anyone's particular chart. Going back into a direct motion should help things that have felt so fuzzy become clearer, help us to better see, or create, our paths. I'm going to go with that. ;) And in the meantime, get my stuff in order, maybe make some lists, remember to breathe, and try to convince myself that sometimes baby steps really are the best way to reach a goal you really care about. Even when it seems really intimidating and unobtainable at the present moment.

Okay, so that was a ramble. We also have Venus and Mars in Sagittarius right now, which is always fun. You might be feeling the urge to travel, exercise, read/learn more, or just get outside and feel the air. Fun dates and having a lighthearted, upbeat connection with romantic partners sounds good. Good for sexy time too. ;) So basically, enjoy this influence and maybe let it distract you, just for awhile, from all the other not so fun stuff. Keep it in check though, so you don't overindulge and end up in a not so great space.

Peace, love, and whatever else tickles your fancy!

{aurora borealis, as seen from greenland. photo courtesy of the free app, astropix} {yes, i'm a huge nerd.}

11 October 2011

Food for Thought

I read this post yesterday at Tiny Buddha and thought it was so relevant and a very realistic way to focus your energy, and just had to share! So many of us, myself included, feel pulled in so many directions, and are left feeling scattered and a little lost. The author, Angela, breaks it down in a way to help you make small steps everyday to feel more on track.

Now is a turbulent time, in many ways, especially with Uranus in Aries, which has themes of abruptness and erratic tendencies. I think this exercise is a productive way to help build your strengths, which can only serve yourself and others now and in the future.

Speaking of Aries, full moon in Aries today! (The full moon always occurs in the sign opposite the current sign).
Venus moves into Scorpio. Hot. (But also kind of intense).

There's a lot of strong forces out there, but it's nicely balanced by the Libra sun and Mercury. Communication is key... harness the Libran diplomacy, especially if an argument occurs. Make sure you can see all sides before letting the fiery moon get the better of you! Standing up for yourself is important, but only if it isn't just for the sake of putting another down.

Enjoy- it is a beautiful autumn moon, and since it's getting darker sooner now (at least here in the North, where I am), you can get extended gazing time... put on your sweaters and venture outside :)

Photo credit: Down the Wormhole

26 September 2011

Herbs to Protect Against Radiation

{Not astrology-related, just thought it was interesting}

Herbs to Protect Against Radiation (from cell phones, wifi, nuclear power plants, etc., etc.)
From Common Ground 25 Sept. 2011
Gail Edwards @ Blessed Maine Herbs
My notes::

Rosemary- very protective herb
2 (oil-soluble) acids in it. Protect human cells and repair radiation damages.
*Infuse Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Rosemary. Put in sprigs, cover for 6 weeks. Can cook with or put oil on body, on thyroid/thymus (upper chest area).
*Can chew raw
*Tincture- 30 drops/day
*OK with breastfeeding
*Baking with it anyway is great, especially on meat, fat/oils. Perfect on chicken.
*Can also steep as a tea, but need to steep for 2+ hours (this source is not as good as the other ways)

Caffeic Acid
Top food- Apples. Also Pears, Plums, Cherries. Lots of pectin. Baked apple if ill.

Brassica- Cabbage, Cauliflower, Broccoli and Broccoli Rabe, Bok Choy, Kale
*Protects us/cells and repairs
*Contains sulforaphane. Water-soluble.
*Need to lightly steam/simmer to release nutrients (also drink water leftover in pot)

Fermentation intensifies benefits. Make sauerkraut. Missing link in diet! Natural probiotics.

Seaweed/Sea Vegetables (Wakame). Very important. Protect + Repair.
*Powdered kelp
*Franklin, ME- Shep Airhart at Maine Coast Sea Vegetables (in many health food stores)
*Potassium and Sodium content are same as us
(Can also soak in seaweed bath or use in shower- use muslin bag full of seaweed).

Adaptogens (class of herbs/substances)
*must be 100% nontoxic to qualify
*Greeche mushrooms grown in Maine (all are medicinal/protective)
*American Ginseng.
-very rare. make sure to buy from legit source.
-tincture- 10-20 drops anywhere from 3x/week to every day.

photo credit: brown dress with white dots

23 September 2011

Happy Autumn!/Polarities

autumnal equinox~first day of fall, and libra, the scales.

The zodiac is actually split up into two halves- six signs each. The zodiac begins at the vernal equinox, with Aries, and the first half ends with Virgo. The focus of these signs is the self, how we cultivate and relate to the self. The second half begins with Libra and ends with Pisces, and the focus is on the other, on relationships.

That isn't to say that people born in the first half are selfish, and the second half are pushovers. Every sign has a polar (opposite) sign, or shadow, and depends on the balance of the two where you fall on the spectrum.

For example, we are now in Libra. Libra is the sign of relationships, partnerships, and romance. Being a part of a relationship is usually very important to Libras, (although they do have a tendency to idealize them, and find it hard to deal with harsh everyday realities that all relationships eventually bring). But their opposite sign- Aries! Self-driven, independent, self-fulfilling Aries. This is the shadow side of Libra that helps keep them in check, protects them from being taken advantage of, if they are channeling it. If they go too far to the other side, their selfishness can impede with what they really want from life. If they don't seek it out at all, they will be stuck giving until there's nothing left. And as Libra is the sign of balance, this is especially true for them. Libra prominent in your chart will bring out these themes, as will this time of year. I have a Libra rising and life is all about balance for me, and it's definitely a juggling act most of the time. 

But here are the signs, and their polarities, just for fun ;)

Aries~Libra: As above

Taurus~Scorpio: Both are possessive about people, places, and things. Money rules both of these signs. Both of these signs confuse me, actually, as they are incredibly tight-lipped when it comes to how they feel. But maybe that's just my Taurus moon that brings it out, because I am the same way. 

Gemini~Sagittarius: expansion/freedom, learning about the world and spirituality intellectually versus physically. 

Cancer~Capricorn: both are guarded, emotional signs that show it quite differently. Cancer stews, Capricorn tries to forget. When threatened, the crab retreats while the sea goat moves on. However both are incredibly creative and have the discipline to be very successful.

Leo~Aquarius: The ultimate me of Leo meets the humanitarian, Aquarius. This always strikes me as the most interesting polarity. What's best for you versus what's best for humankind? Amazing.

Virgo~Pisces: More alike than either would like to admit. Control freaks in their own ways, both need to work on either going with the flow more or less.

Here's a visual from Modern Jungle

20 September 2011


600 views! That's pretty exciting to me :)
(even though probably like 50 are mine from before I realized I could choose the option of NOT tracking my own page views)
Thanks to everyone who reads this... much love. <3

17 September 2011


Hello again! I haven't really got a post planned out, but wanted to write something, so I am just going to write about the current solar system, off the top of my head! prepare for many sentence fragments and half-thoughts ;)

{sun in virgo} harvest season, literally and metaphorically. if you are not satisfied- now is the time to lay the seeds. visualization of goals is important. virgo as the virgin signifies purity of purpose (says Alan Oken in his Complete Astrology, and he put it oh so well). virgo relates to health; now is an excellent time to start a workout routine or remember to take your vitamins every day ;) (especially those gearing up for a long winter!). Every positive health change, no matter how small it may seem, can lead to better habits, healthier and happier body and mind. remember to love yourself and try not to be so critical of yourself. easier said than done, yes, but you deserve a break from any self-destructive thoughts! this is also a good time to get your ducks in a row, in whatever area of your life you need it. that back to school feeling calls for us to get organized and motivated- classic virgo.

{moon in gemini/mercury in virgo} gemini and virgo are both ruled by mercury. mercurian energy has a tendency to be erratic and nervous, but also promotes learning, exploration, and industriousness. both good and bad aspects of this may have a tendency to shine through now (especially with the sun in virgo, too). remember that you're human (but don't use it as an excuse to be an asshole). Also a good time to check yourself and not let your thoughts run away with you!

{venus in libra- ahhh :)} lovely venus in a sign it rules- libra! (the other is taurus). libra is the sign of partnerships, and venus is the planet of love. now is a great time to reconnect if the craziness of life has gotten in the way lately. Try not to be too critical of your partner (or whoever), and just accept the other as they are (doesn't mean you have to be okay with things that bother you- just accept it as part of who they are, if you really want to have an honest relationship with them).
Also, back to self love... this is a good time to work on that relationship as well (not to be a cliche, but it's true.)

well, that's all i have time for tonight. i kind of want to rattle on about mars moving from cancer to leo, etc., another time. much love!

speaking of Venus... image from Universe Today

22 August 2011

from: full moon in aquarius

much love. from the full moon wedding of my friends, on August 13. cheers!

new post coming soon.

08 August 2011

fire retrograde

Ah, Mercury retrograde. There's a lot of bad hype that surrounds these transits during which, from Earth, a planet appears to be moving backward through space. Offenses include: general misunderstandings, faulty communication, and technical mishaps (also not the ideal time to purchase new electronics). But it's not all bad, and I am really trying to be positive about this upcoming Mercury retrograde. Mercury (planet of communication) will be traveling backward through Leo. Leo is ruled by the sun- the center of our solar system- which can translate to this retrograde focusing around the self. A fantastic time for self-reflection, starting a new healthy habit or breaking an old one, or just trying to refocus and refresh yourself mentally, spiritually, and physically. Since Mercury rules the nervous system, and is very language oriented, now can be a really good time to do some writing to get thoughts and emotions that have been bothering out of your brain and make them more tangible; from there you can see if you're being neurotic and just need to give them less power, or if it's an issue you should try to address in real life.

Retrograde is a good time to reevaluate recent happenings in your life, and I think also to take a little chill time on big decisions or other big events that are stressing you out. Obviously, this can be completely impossible at times, so if such a situation arises, you can know that you shouldn't rush yourself when trying to figure it out, and let yourself take a step back and see everything clearly before making a decision. Rushing will make you clumsy. Also, past issues can arise (that perhaps you never fully resolved), to push you to find a resolution, peace of mind, and the ability to move on. As difficult as it can be, try looking at it as an opportunity to move forward instead of a burden to procrastinate dealing with. I've also heard that, especially during this time, you may see people from the past cropping up, in seemingly the most random of places.

Don't get too stressed out by small annoyances- they will pass- look for solutions in new places- and sometimes things just need to be turned off and back on again...

26 July 2011


Hey again :) Soo, as I mentioned earlier, along with the elements in astrology (fire, earth, air, water), there are also qualities, of which there are three: cardinal, fixed, and mutable. To break it down:

Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn
Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius
Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces

Each quality has one sign from each element. This means that each particular sign is it's own unique combination of the two. Capricorn, for example, is of the earth element and cardinal quality. But what does this mean?

Cardinal signs begin each season, and share the quality of brainstorming amazing ideas, implementing projects and said ideas, and being a driving force at the start of endeavors. While you have a lot of drive when initiating something, after getting through the initial hump you may lose some ambition. This could be because you don't know where to go from that point on, and/or because you are perfectionists at heart, which can lead to procrastination or fear of making the wrong decision. But don't be so hard on yourself! You're very capable once you truly commit to something, and your first impressions are usually right on. Don't fall into the trap of second-guessing your smart self. Taking some time to sit down and map out a plan can keep you from being short-sighted, and to keep you on track when things start to feel boring, or not happening fast enough. You don't have to do everything at once, and there's nothing wrong with taking baby steps to reach your goals.

Fixed signs occur in the middle of each season. Your specialty is keeping things going and perfecting that which already exists. That's not to say that you don't have new and revolutionary ideas- you are definitely capable of that! It's just that you  feel most satisfied when you feel like you are actually doing, as opposed to just sitting around and thinking about it. You're hard workers, and are typically pretty set in your routine and committed to your work, studies, and/or hobbies (whichever is your true calling). You may have a tendency to get caught up in the details, so keeping a visual handy of the big picture- may be it a photo, written phrase, etc.- will help you to not get bogged down, and be able to keep moving forward. A sense of balance between work and play is very important for fixed signs, as you have a tendency to get caught up in one or the other and thus pour all of your energy into it, tiring yourself and actually making it so you have less to give. Or on the flip side, trying to do everything at once and spreading yourself way too thin. Don't feel guilty about taking time for yourself (even if it's only a sliver a month) to do something non work related, relax, and reward yourself for all that you do accomplish. Enjoy the life that you've created for yourself. :)

Mutable signs occur when seasons are changing. And so, these signs are very adaptable to different situations and people, and are often flexible in plans, careers, and different lines of thought. This lets you be more open to ideas and more willing to explore, on many planes. You may in some sense feel like a drifter or drawn to a bohemian lifestyle. However, some sort of structure is actually important for these signs, as much as you may lament feeling tied down and boring. It's a bit of a paradox, but otherwise you may feel something along the lines of (to quote the movie Party Monster); "I'm just like a balloon, unless someone holds my string, I'll float away." Of course, this is true in different degrees, but having some semblance of a routine or daily practice doing things that actually matter to you can really help mutable signs (or someone heavily weighted with  mutable planets), to have a greater sense of accomplishment. What works for you, works for you. A sense of balance is important, so you don't feel like you're compromising yourself by giving into the mainstream

You can get a little more in depth with this if you know where your other planets and rising sign are. This site breaks it down into a nice little chart, as shown to the left in the columns, so you can see where you have the most pull. If it's more varied between the three, your approach could shift between different aspects of your life.

21 July 2011


Aah, so scattered-feeling lately. Case in point: I am currently attempting to write blog posts for two separate blogs, list photos on etsy, and load new photos onto my computer and make plans for this afternoon. wtf is up with me lately? Everyday I feel like my brain is pulling me in fifty different directions, and I can't focus clearly on any one. ADD? Yes. Also? Let's look at the planets. Because, erm, I don't think I've posted on this shit since January. Currently: July. Just to clarify, I don't consider myself an expert on astrology. I mostly just think it's cool and interesting, and I like to share tidbits that I think others may find as such. I toy with the idea of going to "astrology school," but that's not happening yet, so. Anyway.

Today=Sun 28* Cancer. Each sign is divided up into 30*, from 0*-29*. Therefore, if you you are close to either end- let's say your birthday is today- you are a Cancer, on the cusp of Leo. This means that while you are a Cancer (or, "moonchild," as one Cancer once told me he prefers to be called- he says it's what it was called when he was young), you may also have some aspects of your personality that don't quite add up with certain things Cancer. Therefore, you could broaden your introspection by also reading/learning about Leo. What constitutes a cusp? Opinions differ, but I go with the school of thought that +/- 5* either way equals you being on the cusp. And you may have other planets, for example Mercury, in the sign you are on the cusp on, which may further explain some of your non-sun sign characteristics. For example, my Dad is 0* Leo, (his birthday is on Sunday!) but has his ascendant (rising sign), and mercury in Cancer, and told me once that he doesn't identify with being a Leo. Like, at all. Since he was born only minutes into Leo-dom, and has such planetary ties with Cancer, it makes sense that he feels more like a crab. And since he knows this, he can pay more attention to Cancer info and feel more in touch instead of confused by all things Leo. As I've mentioned before, check out one of the links to the right to check up on yourself ;) [alabe.com/freechart is the most straightforward one for this, imo.]

Oh, I was going to talk about what this may mean for all of us... Kind of ran out on a tangent there... Erm so Cancer on its way out=we are feeling perhaps a bit restless, stuck between doing our routines and being more home oriented (Cancer rules all things domestic), and feeling the pull of getting out and adventuring Leo. The focus may be shifting more from our relationships, families, etc. to ourselves- like thinking about what you need to do to feel accomplished in x area of your life. It's okay to give yourself a little more attention right now, I think this particular energy is good for self nurturing, and not treating yourself like an enemy, instead feeling the self-love and doing what's best for your mind, body, and soul (but hopefully not at the expense of others!)

Also happening right now: Moon in 12* Aries. So, about halfway done with Aries. Now that I think about it, it really does make sense that I'm feeling so pulled and conflicted. Aries is all about action, being social, and yeah, the self. Interesting, when paired up with a Cancer sun. However, they are both Cardinal signs, so right now is really a great time for ideas, or at least brainstorming for them. Just getting your brain out of thought patterns that don't work and serve no purpose. Easy? No. Really, super difficult. But the Aries moon is here to help, and put the thought into your head that you should at least try to break through to your higher self, your higher potential. And paired with the Cancer sun, you should have an easier time honestly looking at your emotions and thoughts and seeing what doesn't serve you.... hmmmm.

Well, I think that's about it for today, I have to do a couple other things online while le bebe naps, but I may be back with another post later. I can't remember (you know, since it's been months since I've written anything on here), if I've talked about cardinal, fixed, and mutable signs yet, but if now, I'll try to come back with that later. Thanks for reading, and as always, any questions/comments, leave 'em cause I'd love to hear your thoughts. Loves!


14 January 2011

Sign change?

I feel like I should post something about this whole alleged sign change/13th sign rumor going around. In short, don't worry about it, your sign hasn't changed. This is because the Astrology style used in most of the western hemisphere is Tropical Astrology. With Tropical (Traditional) Astrology, the zodiac is based on the earth, sun, and seasons. Tropical means "turning point." For example, every year, the vernal equinox marks the beginning of Aries (the astrological new year), and 30 degrees (a.k.a. days) later, the sign of Taurus begins, and so on and so forth. This form of astrology has been around since ancient times, and is very precise.
Sideral Astrology bases the zodiac according to the constellations in regards to the Earth's position. The Earth's position shifts, shifts, and shifts some more, which is why you're hearing all this hype about your sign changing. All of this is nothing new, it's just being promoted by what I'm guessing was a slow news day. Traditional astrologers also argue that the constellations have more to do with the ages, e.g. The Age of Aquarius.

Actually, there's more than just these two forms of astrology. There's also Draconic astrology, for example. Really, it's just more ways to further analyze someone. The system from which you know your sign to be- tropical astrology- hasn't changed at all, and never will.

Okay, the 13th sign, Ophiuchus. It, also, is nothing new. Ophiuchus is the serpent bearer. I've always kind of thought as Ophiuchus as a sub-sign for late Scorpios and early Sagittarius. It adds a bit of intense energy to those born at these times. Fun fact- Scorpio is also known as the Serpent, Eagle, and Phoenix in addition to the Scorpion in different cultures. So I personally think of Ophiuchus as adding some of that Scorpion energy to early Sagittarians, and maybe adding an extra layer of it to late Scorpios.

Okay, that's it. I still think it's funny that all of this was marketed as breaking news or whatever. If you want to know more, hit me up or just do a search for tropical/sideral astrology.

02 January 2011

New Year/Check yourself before you wreck yourself

In honor of it being a new year and resolutions being abound (if you're into that kind of thing), I thought I'd touch upon each sign's qualities and how to work with that energy to have an amazingly wonderful year. Much love~Here's what I have...

{Side note: In addition to your sun sign, you may also want to read your moon sign or other sign that you have a lot of planets in for maximum insight}

Aries: Anyone who has ever encountered you likely knows how driven and determined you are. And it's also pretty likely that you are actively working towards a goal (or several!), be it personal, professional, or otherwise. But is everything on your plate of top priority of you? While striving toward your goals, don't forget to hold onto your priorities, what is really important to you. You have a tendency to throw yourself into things, so try not to go so far as to lose what makes you unique and awesome. And by the same token, if something you're working toward doesn't feel quite feel right or as fulfilling as you had hoped, maybe it's time to reevaluate if it's absolutely paramount you keep participating. 

Taurus: Routines are a big part of your life- even if you consider yourself a spontaneous person (which you probably don't), there's probably at least one small cycle that you repeat methodically every day, perhaps without even really realizing it (that's how ingrained it is!). This helps you feel centered, safe, and more in control, as well as keep you organized. A lot of good comes from it! Just make sure that these routines are helping to move you forward, and not holding you back and making you feel stuck. Of course you want to feel comfortable in life, but don't do it at the expense of what could be positive change. Mixing something up just a little bit could have a profound effect on your motivation, personal growth, and life in general. Enjoy it!

Gemini: You have a wide range of interests, but tend to gravitate toward one or two (or two for each you?) in particular. This year, why not try to develop these passions to the extent you always mean to but never get around to, due to everything else you have going on in and outside of the brain of yours! Idle time doing things that keep you busy but mostly just on mental autopilot can seem to be stress relief for you, but are actually sucking your mental juices dry. If you just devote a little extra time to the things you love (and really believe in), just wait and see what good happens...

Cancer: Relationships are super important to you (as they are to many of us, regardless of our sun sign), but it runs a little deeper than most for the crab. Just make sure you take time for yourself and your own interests. Independence is healthy, and can even enhance your relationship by giving you more to talk about with and show your partner. If you're single, keep working on doing what you love and being the best version of yourself you can be. Don't throw yourself so much into your work (or less constructive habits) to distract yourself from your emotions or negativity, though. Those pesky things always have a way of coming out, so try really hard to deal with them constructively, and as soon as possible. Don't let them win and make you miserable for who knows how long. (PS- even if you think you're not affecting others with your mood, you most definitely are. Please use this power for good... you will definitely be rewarded).

Leo: As the star of the zodiac (and the solar system, as Leo is ruled by the sun), you require a lot of attention and praise for your many accomplishments. You may seem super confident, but there's a insecure streak in you that is the basis for this need. Remember that you don't need others' opinions to shape yourself, and what you believe and think of yourself is really most important. It may sound cliche', but is oh so true. Try just looking at what your motivation is for the things you do, and if it's purely to prove yourself to someone else, put your hardworking energy into something truly worthwhile instead!

Virgo: You're organized, you're striving toward perfection, your home is immaculate. Control makes you feel secure, but there's always something nagging at you that you need to perfect! While most control is an illusion, remember that you can't truly change other people; only yourself. And the things you try to change in others, are often parts in yourself that you have or do struggle with. Try to relax in a constructive way- you are talented in so many ways, often creatively- harness some of that energy when you catch yourself leering over a loved one's (mostly harmless) behavior. Imagine the things you could create with that drive!

Libra: 2010 was likely a more disciplined year for you, with Saturn in your sign. This theme will continue in 2011, and while this is great- you have, and are on your way to, accomplishing major things- you have likely been even busier than usual, so be sure to carve out some time during which you can reconnect with yourself in a real way, whatever that means to you. Like I said about Aries, your polarity (opposite sign), make sure you don't lose parts of your wonderful self while being so involved in whatever you're working so hard toward. And if something doesn't totally line up with your beliefs, it may be time to let it go and embrace the calm that will come in its place, as it doesn't take much to tip your scales and get you out of sorts.

Scorpio: Tunnel vision=Your state of sight lately, non? We all know how you are- sign of extremes, you put your all into your goal, be it career, education, what have you... blah, blah. blah. I know it's incredibly difficult for you, but try to be just a teensy bit less polarized. I said just a teensy bit! Try widening that vision just a scoche, because otherwise you're going to miss out on a whole lotta good in your life, and trust me, you do NOT want to let those things pass you by because you're too busy being obsessive! It's great to be so motivated and all, but you have a tendency to get so extreme that you begin to get sucked into negativity, imagining the worst and making mountains out of molehills- symptoms of tunnel vision mentality! So take a step back, show your love to your supporters, and find a hobby that, dare I say it... relaxes you?

Sagittarius: If you've been feeling nice and chilled out, I'm glad. Some life stresses could be getting you down, but of course that's only temporary with your optimism. Keep those good feelings going by not losing sight of what you want, and, of course, exploration, may it be by travel or reading or something I don't even know about. :P Just look out for your self-sabotaging moves- I'm sure you have some inkling, if nothing else, as to what yours are- and counter with being honest with yourself about what's really going on. It can be really difficult to pinpoint, never mind actually do, but this honesty and connection with yourself can lead to enlightenment, and isn't that what Sadge's are all about?

Capricorn: You have a conflicting dynamic between your emotion and logic, which can impair your decision making.You may feel something deep down, but drown it out in favor of a mental pro/con list or just staying in limbo. This year, try to embrace your instincts. This may sound too hokey to you, but just try a little bit at a time and you won't be disappointed- you won't let yourself down if you follow what you already know. You sea goats are wise, more so than you give yourself credit for. If you haven't, read The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. Don't be afraid of change and new things, Capricorn. With your inner (and outer) resources, there's nothing you can't achieve. There's more to you than you give yourself credit for.

Aquarius: Such a funky and eclectic bunch. I have a feeling the majority of you are already doing what it is you want to be, and if you're not, you soon will be. You just have to be you, and that is fabulous. Keep reading and taking in all the new information you need to feel fulfilled, and always keep learning. So important for you. Not that you need me to tell you that- you already can't put whatever your latest book you're reading down. Just remember to have real conversations with your people, and don't be afraid to go above your comfort zone and speak your true feelings. Since you can be a bit aloof, it will be a relief to your loved ones to hear what's really going on with you. Improving your human connections in this way will improve your quality of life even more!

Pisces: What do you really want out of life? What are your real priorities, not just what you think they should be? Is there quite a disconnect between those two things? This shouldn't be anything new to you; just another day being a conflicted fish. I would know! This is what I'm feeling, though- We need to get back to our roots, our true selves. We need to consciously BE the person we want to be. Because otherwise, we feel out of sorts and like a limp fish, being carried along by life. And that's not really a pretty visual. But how to do it... I think we all know the answer for ourselves, it's that thing we "should" do, but never make time for... For me that would be meditating on my own, working out every day, being creative every day... But I'm working on it. The things we do, thoughts we think every day mold us, make us become who we are (no matter what our intentions are otherwise)... So we had better make it good.

xx, happy new year!

01 January 2011

Hello There

Happy New Year! There's a new post in the works which should be up tomorrow. Just wanted to mention that I welcome suggestions from anyone who reads this- content-wise, or otherwise. If there's a certain subject or personal situation you want some astro-insight on, let me know! You can do so anonymously if you wish, I respect your privacy. ;) I hope everyone's enjoying 2011 so far and keeping the good energy going!