23 September 2011

Happy Autumn!/Polarities

autumnal equinox~first day of fall, and libra, the scales.

The zodiac is actually split up into two halves- six signs each. The zodiac begins at the vernal equinox, with Aries, and the first half ends with Virgo. The focus of these signs is the self, how we cultivate and relate to the self. The second half begins with Libra and ends with Pisces, and the focus is on the other, on relationships.

That isn't to say that people born in the first half are selfish, and the second half are pushovers. Every sign has a polar (opposite) sign, or shadow, and depends on the balance of the two where you fall on the spectrum.

For example, we are now in Libra. Libra is the sign of relationships, partnerships, and romance. Being a part of a relationship is usually very important to Libras, (although they do have a tendency to idealize them, and find it hard to deal with harsh everyday realities that all relationships eventually bring). But their opposite sign- Aries! Self-driven, independent, self-fulfilling Aries. This is the shadow side of Libra that helps keep them in check, protects them from being taken advantage of, if they are channeling it. If they go too far to the other side, their selfishness can impede with what they really want from life. If they don't seek it out at all, they will be stuck giving until there's nothing left. And as Libra is the sign of balance, this is especially true for them. Libra prominent in your chart will bring out these themes, as will this time of year. I have a Libra rising and life is all about balance for me, and it's definitely a juggling act most of the time. 

But here are the signs, and their polarities, just for fun ;)

Aries~Libra: As above

Taurus~Scorpio: Both are possessive about people, places, and things. Money rules both of these signs. Both of these signs confuse me, actually, as they are incredibly tight-lipped when it comes to how they feel. But maybe that's just my Taurus moon that brings it out, because I am the same way. 

Gemini~Sagittarius: expansion/freedom, learning about the world and spirituality intellectually versus physically. 

Cancer~Capricorn: both are guarded, emotional signs that show it quite differently. Cancer stews, Capricorn tries to forget. When threatened, the crab retreats while the sea goat moves on. However both are incredibly creative and have the discipline to be very successful.

Leo~Aquarius: The ultimate me of Leo meets the humanitarian, Aquarius. This always strikes me as the most interesting polarity. What's best for you versus what's best for humankind? Amazing.

Virgo~Pisces: More alike than either would like to admit. Control freaks in their own ways, both need to work on either going with the flow more or less.

Here's a visual from Modern Jungle

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