26 September 2011

Herbs to Protect Against Radiation

{Not astrology-related, just thought it was interesting}

Herbs to Protect Against Radiation (from cell phones, wifi, nuclear power plants, etc., etc.)
From Common Ground 25 Sept. 2011
Gail Edwards @ Blessed Maine Herbs
My notes::

Rosemary- very protective herb
2 (oil-soluble) acids in it. Protect human cells and repair radiation damages.
*Infuse Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Rosemary. Put in sprigs, cover for 6 weeks. Can cook with or put oil on body, on thyroid/thymus (upper chest area).
*Can chew raw
*Tincture- 30 drops/day
*OK with breastfeeding
*Baking with it anyway is great, especially on meat, fat/oils. Perfect on chicken.
*Can also steep as a tea, but need to steep for 2+ hours (this source is not as good as the other ways)

Caffeic Acid
Top food- Apples. Also Pears, Plums, Cherries. Lots of pectin. Baked apple if ill.

Brassica- Cabbage, Cauliflower, Broccoli and Broccoli Rabe, Bok Choy, Kale
*Protects us/cells and repairs
*Contains sulforaphane. Water-soluble.
*Need to lightly steam/simmer to release nutrients (also drink water leftover in pot)

Fermentation intensifies benefits. Make sauerkraut. Missing link in diet! Natural probiotics.

Seaweed/Sea Vegetables (Wakame). Very important. Protect + Repair.
*Powdered kelp
*Franklin, ME- Shep Airhart at Maine Coast Sea Vegetables (in many health food stores)
*Potassium and Sodium content are same as us
(Can also soak in seaweed bath or use in shower- use muslin bag full of seaweed).

Adaptogens (class of herbs/substances)
*must be 100% nontoxic to qualify
*Greeche mushrooms grown in Maine (all are medicinal/protective)
*American Ginseng.
-very rare. make sure to buy from legit source.
-tincture- 10-20 drops anywhere from 3x/week to every day.

photo credit: brown dress with white dots


  1. Blessed Maine Herb is amazing. She has so much knowledge and just a very kind, lovely woman.

    1. She really is, I got so much out of her presentation at Common Ground. I'd love to hear more!