26 July 2011


Hey again :) Soo, as I mentioned earlier, along with the elements in astrology (fire, earth, air, water), there are also qualities, of which there are three: cardinal, fixed, and mutable. To break it down:

Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn
Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius
Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces

Each quality has one sign from each element. This means that each particular sign is it's own unique combination of the two. Capricorn, for example, is of the earth element and cardinal quality. But what does this mean?

Cardinal signs begin each season, and share the quality of brainstorming amazing ideas, implementing projects and said ideas, and being a driving force at the start of endeavors. While you have a lot of drive when initiating something, after getting through the initial hump you may lose some ambition. This could be because you don't know where to go from that point on, and/or because you are perfectionists at heart, which can lead to procrastination or fear of making the wrong decision. But don't be so hard on yourself! You're very capable once you truly commit to something, and your first impressions are usually right on. Don't fall into the trap of second-guessing your smart self. Taking some time to sit down and map out a plan can keep you from being short-sighted, and to keep you on track when things start to feel boring, or not happening fast enough. You don't have to do everything at once, and there's nothing wrong with taking baby steps to reach your goals.

Fixed signs occur in the middle of each season. Your specialty is keeping things going and perfecting that which already exists. That's not to say that you don't have new and revolutionary ideas- you are definitely capable of that! It's just that you  feel most satisfied when you feel like you are actually doing, as opposed to just sitting around and thinking about it. You're hard workers, and are typically pretty set in your routine and committed to your work, studies, and/or hobbies (whichever is your true calling). You may have a tendency to get caught up in the details, so keeping a visual handy of the big picture- may be it a photo, written phrase, etc.- will help you to not get bogged down, and be able to keep moving forward. A sense of balance between work and play is very important for fixed signs, as you have a tendency to get caught up in one or the other and thus pour all of your energy into it, tiring yourself and actually making it so you have less to give. Or on the flip side, trying to do everything at once and spreading yourself way too thin. Don't feel guilty about taking time for yourself (even if it's only a sliver a month) to do something non work related, relax, and reward yourself for all that you do accomplish. Enjoy the life that you've created for yourself. :)

Mutable signs occur when seasons are changing. And so, these signs are very adaptable to different situations and people, and are often flexible in plans, careers, and different lines of thought. This lets you be more open to ideas and more willing to explore, on many planes. You may in some sense feel like a drifter or drawn to a bohemian lifestyle. However, some sort of structure is actually important for these signs, as much as you may lament feeling tied down and boring. It's a bit of a paradox, but otherwise you may feel something along the lines of (to quote the movie Party Monster); "I'm just like a balloon, unless someone holds my string, I'll float away." Of course, this is true in different degrees, but having some semblance of a routine or daily practice doing things that actually matter to you can really help mutable signs (or someone heavily weighted with  mutable planets), to have a greater sense of accomplishment. What works for you, works for you. A sense of balance is important, so you don't feel like you're compromising yourself by giving into the mainstream

You can get a little more in depth with this if you know where your other planets and rising sign are. This site breaks it down into a nice little chart, as shown to the left in the columns, so you can see where you have the most pull. If it's more varied between the three, your approach could shift between different aspects of your life.

21 July 2011


Aah, so scattered-feeling lately. Case in point: I am currently attempting to write blog posts for two separate blogs, list photos on etsy, and load new photos onto my computer and make plans for this afternoon. wtf is up with me lately? Everyday I feel like my brain is pulling me in fifty different directions, and I can't focus clearly on any one. ADD? Yes. Also? Let's look at the planets. Because, erm, I don't think I've posted on this shit since January. Currently: July. Just to clarify, I don't consider myself an expert on astrology. I mostly just think it's cool and interesting, and I like to share tidbits that I think others may find as such. I toy with the idea of going to "astrology school," but that's not happening yet, so. Anyway.

Today=Sun 28* Cancer. Each sign is divided up into 30*, from 0*-29*. Therefore, if you you are close to either end- let's say your birthday is today- you are a Cancer, on the cusp of Leo. This means that while you are a Cancer (or, "moonchild," as one Cancer once told me he prefers to be called- he says it's what it was called when he was young), you may also have some aspects of your personality that don't quite add up with certain things Cancer. Therefore, you could broaden your introspection by also reading/learning about Leo. What constitutes a cusp? Opinions differ, but I go with the school of thought that +/- 5* either way equals you being on the cusp. And you may have other planets, for example Mercury, in the sign you are on the cusp on, which may further explain some of your non-sun sign characteristics. For example, my Dad is 0* Leo, (his birthday is on Sunday!) but has his ascendant (rising sign), and mercury in Cancer, and told me once that he doesn't identify with being a Leo. Like, at all. Since he was born only minutes into Leo-dom, and has such planetary ties with Cancer, it makes sense that he feels more like a crab. And since he knows this, he can pay more attention to Cancer info and feel more in touch instead of confused by all things Leo. As I've mentioned before, check out one of the links to the right to check up on yourself ;) [alabe.com/freechart is the most straightforward one for this, imo.]

Oh, I was going to talk about what this may mean for all of us... Kind of ran out on a tangent there... Erm so Cancer on its way out=we are feeling perhaps a bit restless, stuck between doing our routines and being more home oriented (Cancer rules all things domestic), and feeling the pull of getting out and adventuring Leo. The focus may be shifting more from our relationships, families, etc. to ourselves- like thinking about what you need to do to feel accomplished in x area of your life. It's okay to give yourself a little more attention right now, I think this particular energy is good for self nurturing, and not treating yourself like an enemy, instead feeling the self-love and doing what's best for your mind, body, and soul (but hopefully not at the expense of others!)

Also happening right now: Moon in 12* Aries. So, about halfway done with Aries. Now that I think about it, it really does make sense that I'm feeling so pulled and conflicted. Aries is all about action, being social, and yeah, the self. Interesting, when paired up with a Cancer sun. However, they are both Cardinal signs, so right now is really a great time for ideas, or at least brainstorming for them. Just getting your brain out of thought patterns that don't work and serve no purpose. Easy? No. Really, super difficult. But the Aries moon is here to help, and put the thought into your head that you should at least try to break through to your higher self, your higher potential. And paired with the Cancer sun, you should have an easier time honestly looking at your emotions and thoughts and seeing what doesn't serve you.... hmmmm.

Well, I think that's about it for today, I have to do a couple other things online while le bebe naps, but I may be back with another post later. I can't remember (you know, since it's been months since I've written anything on here), if I've talked about cardinal, fixed, and mutable signs yet, but if now, I'll try to come back with that later. Thanks for reading, and as always, any questions/comments, leave 'em cause I'd love to hear your thoughts. Loves!