08 October 2014


The Aries full moon this month was also a total eclipse. It occurred early in the morning here on the east coast. You've probably heard about it before now. :)  This eclipse, personally, was all up in my business as it affected my first and seventh houses. First house=the self. Seventh house=the other. Relationships. The balance between the two, or highlighting the lack thereof.

Lately I've been trying to get a self-care routine going. I've been neglecting me. Libra rising. Libra anything. It's what you do. There is so much else, always, to be tended besides myself. But like the stereotypical saying goes, if you aren't consciously filling your own needs you're not really of any use to anyone else, anyway.

So this morning, due to having some rare child care, I decided to spend some time feeding my soul and spending time in meditation. I thought I would share the meditations I did (two are guided), in case anyone was curious, along with the crystals I used to meditate with. Have I mentioned I'm obsessed with crystals these days?

Here's a shot I shared on my instagram of the crystals I worked with this morning:

Amethyst to clear the mind, Shungite (the black stone) for grounding, protection, and for the energy field, and White Howlite to absorb and transmute any negativity.

How are you experiencing the eclipse? Share below if you so please. :) Peace and Love.

01 May 2014

Meditation Inspiration

I love the beach. I live seaside and visit frequently for the air and quieting of the mind that goes with it, among other reasons, such as my kid can run wild which he needs on a daily basis.

I'm beginning to meditate more regularly (again, my track record is pretty inconsistent), and if you are too then here are some images that I hope will help to relax and center you.

All I do is find a quiet space, but if I'm desperate I stay where I am and put on my headphones and press play.

For hectic days I like to just keep it simple. Sit. Eyes open, eyes closed, whatever floats your boat. Slow, deep down to your belly breaths. Thoughts will come, let them flutter in and out. Observe them but you don't need to feed them. If I'm particularly jittery I'll focus on the very top of my head, the crown chakra. For some reason this seems to help me literally feel above the thoughts and static. Sit for as long or as short a time as you like. Two minutes, ten minutes, twelve minutes. You choose. And you're done. You carved out a little bit of time in your busy day just for you and your much deserving brain. Something to be happy about. Congrats. <3

Please feel free to share your experiences, tips, journeys with meditating in the comments. :)

blurry beach

i love seaweed

overlooking portland, oregon

26 April 2014

Right Now / Taurus

Hello Taurus. Happy Birthday, Bulls. Spring and flowers blooming and sun and rain and the grass has become so green so suddenly it shocked my eyes when I was out walking earlier in this drizzly weather.

Some of my favorite weather. In the northeastern sector of America that I call home, spring has finally arrived.

Taurus energy can be slow, mindful. Not rushing, not thinking of the cheapest or the fastest or the biggest but the most value. Yes Taurus is associated with material things like money but I wonder if how they spend their time isn't just as important. Noticing, seeking out, life's little luxuries. From the little things like being able to spend some time outdoors in the morning sun, your favorite song coming on while in transit, treating yourself to, and savoring every drop of, a coffee beverage when you get a break because it satisfies your tastebuds. A stroll around town or through the woods or along the shore. Noticing what's there, the beauty everywhere, because your state of mind isn't HURRY, but instead, ENJOY. Taurus may seem like they're plodding along at a maddeningly slow pace for no reason at all, but they are simply savoring the path.

(Side note: something else I want to mention about Taurus that I learned from Jan Spiller's amazing Soul Astrology is how they posses the ability to use their bodies as barometers. How they are able to tap into what choices to make, activities to do, based on the way their physical bodies FEEL. And it's Taurus season now so I say we can all try this now. :) )

Some proof of spring:

20 April 2014

Glimpses of the week

Early spring in downeast Maine.
Happy Easter!
Moon in Capricorn will shortly conjunct Pluto, in orb now. I say lay low if possible. I'm about to have another slice of pie. :) That may be more of a Taurus influence on me though, heh heh.
Hope to have a Tarot video for you next time.
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11 April 2014

Moon in Virgo Triumph


My blog is back after a too long hiatus due to technical difficulties. :) :) :)

I'm pretty excited about it.

New things are developing here.

Oh and I feel like I should mention that it hit 70* here today. The beach happened. It smells like Spring outside and flowers are rearing their colorful heads up out of the soil. Happiness.

I did a test video today. I want to do more, once I get the hang of it- I didn't realize before how awkward video creating can be, lol. I'm ready to expand These Wandering Stars, and am so excited for it.

Can't type for long today, but wanted to say and share some photos of Spring so far. xo

fairy house


moon tide garden

days are getting longer

beach jaunt

12 January 2014

Jupiter / Expansion / Magic

We're almost two weeks into 2014. Whoa. I feel like I'm still settling in, getting my bearings back from the holidays. Our house is a wreck (although it did get some attention today, and I'm pleased to announce that the kitchen is no longer gross), and a lot of things seem up in the air. But it feels more focused  than it did last year. I feel like I have more of a sense of where I want to go. And most days I'm lucky if I make a baby step, the smallest of small, on that path. Sometimes it's just a thought, a reminder, a sentence I speak out loud. Obstacles intimidate, but thinking of Neptune, of Pisces here, and dissolving them or maybe just swimming around, over, or through...

The point I'm trying to make here is that I've been reading, noticing, people saying lately to focus on what you want to expand it, instead of fighting what's no longer working. This is very Jupiter. I'm in the midst of this amazing book that I would recommend to anyone, called Making the Gods Work for You, by Caroline Casey. I just finished the Jupiter chapter (yes, each planet gets a chapter, and there are also rituals to do for the witchily-inclined), and she talks about how Jupiter expands what it touches. Regarding things you would like to be rid of, she suggests:

"Jupiter tells us not to trouble our pretty little heads about how we are to be rid of our burdens. When we ritually place these things on the curb of our psyche, so to speak, Jupiter's Removal Service will take it away. We do not have to worry about the removal process. We just have to imagine putting it in bags..."

I think another point made by this is how by visualizing these things in their trash bags, it declutters our mental space and makes room for us to grow what we desire. Expanding it. Going with the flow instead of wrestling to get to that space.

So what do you want to expand? What do you want to draw in? What do you want to DO? Jupiter is in the sign of Cancer now, helping us to get in touch with our feelings and thoughts, the ones we cherish and protect under the crab shell... unintentional living won't fly here...

OH and this blog post by Tonya Leigh from French Kiss Life was a wonderful supplement to all this Jupiter talk, I thought... She says to fill up your life with what you want so there's no space for the shit... but much more eloquently. :)

Thanks for reading :) Maybe I'll be back again soon. Here's some photos from my neck of the woods. If you want more, find me on instagram @sightsofmaine