12 January 2014

Jupiter / Expansion / Magic

We're almost two weeks into 2014. Whoa. I feel like I'm still settling in, getting my bearings back from the holidays. Our house is a wreck (although it did get some attention today, and I'm pleased to announce that the kitchen is no longer gross), and a lot of things seem up in the air. But it feels more focused  than it did last year. I feel like I have more of a sense of where I want to go. And most days I'm lucky if I make a baby step, the smallest of small, on that path. Sometimes it's just a thought, a reminder, a sentence I speak out loud. Obstacles intimidate, but thinking of Neptune, of Pisces here, and dissolving them or maybe just swimming around, over, or through...

The point I'm trying to make here is that I've been reading, noticing, people saying lately to focus on what you want to expand it, instead of fighting what's no longer working. This is very Jupiter. I'm in the midst of this amazing book that I would recommend to anyone, called Making the Gods Work for You, by Caroline Casey. I just finished the Jupiter chapter (yes, each planet gets a chapter, and there are also rituals to do for the witchily-inclined), and she talks about how Jupiter expands what it touches. Regarding things you would like to be rid of, she suggests:

"Jupiter tells us not to trouble our pretty little heads about how we are to be rid of our burdens. When we ritually place these things on the curb of our psyche, so to speak, Jupiter's Removal Service will take it away. We do not have to worry about the removal process. We just have to imagine putting it in bags..."

I think another point made by this is how by visualizing these things in their trash bags, it declutters our mental space and makes room for us to grow what we desire. Expanding it. Going with the flow instead of wrestling to get to that space.

So what do you want to expand? What do you want to draw in? What do you want to DO? Jupiter is in the sign of Cancer now, helping us to get in touch with our feelings and thoughts, the ones we cherish and protect under the crab shell... unintentional living won't fly here...

OH and this blog post by Tonya Leigh from French Kiss Life was a wonderful supplement to all this Jupiter talk, I thought... She says to fill up your life with what you want so there's no space for the shit... but much more eloquently. :)

Thanks for reading :) Maybe I'll be back again soon. Here's some photos from my neck of the woods. If you want more, find me on instagram @sightsofmaine 

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