14 October 2010

Digging Deeper... Moon Signs

Wow. So I totally started this post on September 12th and am just now getting around to finishing it... hopefully. I've been feeling pretty worn out lately due to a certain 9 1/2 month old who shall remain nameles, and I feel like what I wrap up may sound like a bit of a ramble. But, carry on...

So we've talked about Sun signs and the elements. This week=Moon signs.

Your moon signs is determined by, you guessed it, the sign the moon was in at your time of birth. The moon changes signs about every 2.5 days- 28 1/4 days make up the lunar calendar. This is obviously a lot faster than sun signs, which change signs once every 30 days. But what does this mean? Your moon sign represents your emotional side, your inner nature- the part of yourself that is private, your driving force. Whereas your sun sign helps paint the picture of what you look like to others, your moon sign is usually a lot trickier to simply guess. Basically, your moon sign, like the tides it also influences, has a lot of pull over how you express yourself as a whole. The rapidly changing moon is one reason why someone with the same Sun sign as you may seem completely different from you. 

"But how do I find out my moon sign?" You may be thinking to yourself. Easy- as I've been plugging since the beginning, simply hook up a free chart- either here or here  will do the trick. Just plug in all the info you have- if you're not sure of the time of your birth, you can skip it, and your moon sign will have like a 75% chance of being correct. If your moon is in an early (0-5 degrees) or late (25-30 degrees) stage, you may want to go on a mission to find your time of birth for the ultimate accuracy, as things can change a lot from one sign to the next. If you experience any difficulties at all with this, seriously, just let me know and I will be happy to help. You can leave a comment or facebook/email me or whatever.

Onto the signs!

Aries. An Aries moon denotes a strong, driving force behind your personality and actions. This could occur in a multitude of ways- maybe you know exactly what you want out of a given situation (or life in general), perhaps you have the motivation to physically and mentally get the places you desire. Life may throw some tough challenges and lessons at you, but you're able to push through to the good parts. You're probably pretty affectionate with loved ones and are probably pretty honest and direct. You don't mess around!

Taurus. A Taurean moon bestows a kind of stability in a person- no matter how flighty they may seem otherwise, at their core they have a slowed down sort of calm. Even if their mind swirls with thoughts, they find themselves simply at the center of it all. They need to have some sense of security to feel comfortable in their own skin and confident. While they won't be tracking every penny like the Taurus sun sign, money will be something they worry about, because it seems to influence everything else, and is a piece of their perceived security- money is the means to attaining travel, a home, nice quality items, etc.- those with Taurus moon despise this fact but it can weigh heavily nonetheless. But on the bright side, this signs is affectionate with 

Gemini moon! This adds a bit of trickiness to a person, no matter what their sign. An element that can come through as others not quite knowing what you're thinking or up to. What's really going on in that head? With a Gemini moon, it can be practically impossible for others to figure this out. You may think about your feelings more than actually experiencing them. Not to say that you're not emotional- that depends on the rest of your chart. What it means is that you intellectualize and rationalize things, not to speak of your busy mind in general. There's a sharpness to you, but it can also go the other way, leading to not always paying attention to others because you're so wrapped up in your own thoughts.

Cancer moon. Cancer is in it's home "planet" here, so a Cancer moon is very powerful. It's one of only a few moons that shows itself- something about you may seem "watery" even if your Sun sign is something like Aquarius or Leo, for example. You feel your way through life, and have a very strong intuition. Sometimes you may do things you know you shouldn't because it feels right in some way. Others may make references to you being a "mom" (or dad? do people say stuff like that to guys?) because you always show a concern for others which can sometimes border worry. You're super compassionate and wear your heart on your sleeve, or, of course, it can go the opposite way and you keep it all bottled up, which is crazy bad for you. If this is the case, find a constructive way to get everything you're feeling out. 

Leo. In contrast to the Cancer moon, Leo is the sun being expressed through the moon. Say what? Leo is ruled by the Sun, and Leo is actually a favorable position for the moon to be in, as it represents the light of the moon (which, of course, comes from the sun)- you can always hang on to some semblance of the bright side, no matter how pessimistic (or you do you call it realistic?) you may be. Strong-willed and driven, your values are also very important to you, and help to guide your life. You can get obsessive about accomplishing goals (or whatever) because you get so focused. Try to remember to be here now and enjoy the present, you and the people who surround you will really appreciate it.

Virgo moon! Discriminating and calculating, methodical and detail-oriented. You thrive on some sort of routine, no matter how crazy your lifestyle may be. It could be something as small as having the same cocoa every morning, or you could have a much more elaborate repertoire. You are ambitious, and will work steadily toward your goals, which you are often able to clearly visualize. You can be rather solemn at times, partially because you're aware of the bad in the world and want to be able to change it. Remember that not everything is your responsibility, and allow yourself to lighten up and have fun. With all your hard work, you definitely deserve it.

Libra moon. Partnerships are very important to you. You feel at your best in a relationship, but be sure to have a good connection with yourself and do things that you like to do so that you don't completely lose yourself in someone else. Libran moon minds are pretty sharp and rational- you approach problem solving by some variance  of a "pros and cons" list. Balance is key for you to have a calm inner state, but by the same token, you can be thrown out of balance very easily. "All things in moderation" applies especially to lunar Librans, because overindulgance in any area results in a tipping of your scales. You have a knack for making your surroundings pleasing to your eyes, and have a cute way of styling yourself, as beauty in all its forms are very appealing to you.

Scorpio. This is an intense moon to have! And intense is not synonymous with "bad," don't worry. It just means that you feel every nuance that is possible to feel- a possible defense mechanism of this moon is an attempt to block out the bad feelings through repression or through heavy self medication. Try to limit this response and use your profoundness as a gift. You have the potential to be a very successful light worker of some sort, if you use your powers for good. Scorpio moons struggle between the light and dark sides of it, and may experience prolonged periods of time in the dark side before seeing and embracing the light. The moon imparts a fixed quality in you, and you do have a need for security. Unlike the Taurus moon though (Scorpio's polarity), this may be more of an emotional security rather than material.

Sagittarius. The moon placement imparts a truth-seeking, can't sit still for too long nature. These are the people who jump here and there throughout life (could be career-wise, living situation, or whatever- this will be specific to the individual person), looking to constantly improve upon what they already have. Not that they're necessarily critical, just eager to see their best possible life manifesting. These people can roll with the punches and bounce back quickly. They have sense of fun about them... A bit faery-like, almost. Sagittarius is the philosopher of the Zodiac, and having a Lunar Sag is no exception.

Capricorn. Like the Virgo moon placement, Capricorn is methodical in its own way. Those with Capricorn moons can be very expressive artistically, much more so than verbally. They can have a really hard time with words, and d  Pretty good with money, as having some in the bank makes you feel secure. You have a propensity to take life a bit seriously, and it's important for you to have solid human connections you can laugh with, as of course you must feel comfortable to let that side of you out. Having stability and a game plan are important to you, as it gives you a sense of control. Just remember to relax and let go sometimes, to enjoy all that you have cultivated in life.

Aquarius. Mentally active, always learning, never content to get stale in any way, shape, or form. A bit eclectic and bohemian in lifestyle, you create your own path in life and can usually shrug off criticism from those who want to give you a hard time about it. This is because deep down, you know what you're doing is right for you. Part of you can be very aloof, even in relationships. There's always a part of you that you keep just for yourself, and although you think a lot about things, you don't always have the easiest time saying what you feel. 

Pisces. You flow through life, transitioning from here to there (physically, mentally....) almost seamlessly. Tend to have a kind of funky, fun, crazy side to you, and you can be pretty selective about who gets to see it! (Or, depending on your chart, you could be less shy and way more open with your awesomeness). Others may not know what to think of you at first, but it's probably just because you're off in your own little world. Definitely an interesting lunar placement, you can have a hard time making decisions, but the less you think about it, the better, because you'll only make yourself more confused. Inner peace is important for you, but also easily attainable if you listen to your intuition.

So this was an intense one! I'll try to make it a little lighter next time. Any questions or clarifying wanted, let me know. Good day!

26 September 2010

I can't believe this exists...

Probably the greatest thing you'll ever see. My personal fave is the Aries anthem...

"Astro lolz" -Gabe

10 September 2010


So, last time we talked briefly about your sun sign and what it means for you. 
*[If you haven't yet done so, I highly encourage you to click on a "free chart" link to the right for your complete chart info. It literally only takes a moment and is an essential tool to get the most out of astro learnings!]

This week's topic is the elements. It's a part of astrology that I think gets kind of glossed over a lot, but in actuality is very interesting- it shows some of the themes of your expression in this life, your personality. Again, this is all from the top of my head, so it's quite likely that some things may not make sense; I fear this is the only way blog entries will ever be created, because I am a master procrastinator.

Okay, so elements. There are four: Fire, Earth, Air, and Water. Let's break it down a little more:
Fire signs: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius
Earth signs: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn
Air signs: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius
Water signs: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Okay. So there's a couple ways to go about analyzing this- 1.) The obvious- take the element of your sun sign and read on! 2.) Go on, take two seconds and get a free chart done at Astro and then look at the box like my masterpiece MS paint rendition to the left. If you are heavily weighted in one particular element, you'll want to read that info along with your sun sign's (if the two are, in fact, different). For example, in the box to the left, the sun sign is in Pisces (water), and there is a lot of other water going on, but there's also four signs in fire, so it would make sense to read the fire description as well. It can also be beneficial to read your rising sign's (a.k.a. ascendant- listed in the chart as AC) element too, as this shows how you portray yourself to the world, and aspects of the element may apply to you. The element of your moon sign ("earth" in the sample table) will show how your inner self relates to the world. As you know, there are many aspects to your personality. Am I getting way too confusing? If so, just ignore and read about your sun sign. I will clarify more on "ascendants" and "moon signs" in later posts, and this will all make sense. I promise!


Fire signs. Expressive, emotional, sassy, stylin'. That's right- fire signs are well known for having a particular "look" all their own, that they are fantastic at cultivating (with varying degrees of effort). They are apt to try out the funky (Sag), provocative (Leo), bright and fun (Aries) styles. They have a unique creativity and will definitely let you know their point of view in pretty much any given situation. Fire signs are honest and often opinionated (although with Sags, it's more likely to change as they learn new information- but they believe what they believe when they believe it! I hope that makes sense to you :P). Fire signs NEED- I repeat, NEED- regular physical activity to stay in the best shape of their body AND mind! Fire signs, this is your therapy. Indulge it.

Earth signs. As such, are in touch with the earth and their own bodies. Nature makes them feel alive. Their clothing style tends to be nice and tailored, accentuating their favorite body parts. Back to being in touch- while they have a very rational, logical side to them (for everyday dealings, they try to be as no-nonsense and direct as possible), most have a (possibly unearthed) spiritual side as well, which allows them to feel more fulfilled. These earthy types  may be very interested in "new age"-esque topics; perhaps more so than they let on at first. Earth signs are striving to find deep meaning in their lives, and a way to actively pursue it. A lot of these folk are very involved with the arts, (not to mention talented and willing to put in the time)- it grounds them, challenges them, and helps bring mental clarity. 

Air signs. Talkative and always have a new topic to discuss with just about anyone! They tend to be friendly on a surface level, but can become more aloof the more you try to get to know them. They may even be an open book about most things, but have parts of them that will take a long time coming out (at their own discretion, of course), or not at all. Like the element air, they can be impossible to pin down, which really is part of their charm! Air signs are perfect for any social gathering, as they can find something to discuss with just about everyone in the room. This is the most eclectic bunch, style-wise; although comfort usually greatly influences any wardrobe choice, they'll add a funky kind of flair so even if it's pajama bottoms and an old top, it's so much more than that. Meditation works wonders for slowing down and bringing to present the busy minds in this element.

Water signs. Like their opposite element, fire, water signs are emotional but are probably repressed a bit much to adequately express it without sounding (or getting) a bit crazy. Water signs are a varied bunch, just as water in it's forms on this Earth are (think the oceans, lakes, streams, tidal pools, and so on...). Some are introverted, some extroverted, but most go back and forth between the two. This is because water signs need time in their heads to swim around and get centered and recharged in between interacting with other humans. If they don't have enough time for this, then they tend to get stressed and cranky. And more emotional! And that's usually not good for anyone involved, as water signs have the propensity to hang on to negative feelings for way longer than is healthy. It's important for them to learn how to simply let go of things and feelings that bring them down- gentle exercise like just taking a stroll around the block and meditation can help. 

Well that's what I got for today. ;) Any questions about the elements or astrology in general, in any area of life, hit me up. I love talking about this stuff! Much love.

29 August 2010

Well Well Well...

Why hello there, I'm glad that you've stumbled upon this new little blog I have set up. I have another, which is, simply, piscesun.blogspot.com, which is everything to do with Mom-hood, but this one is about another passion- Astrology.

Astrology is an interesting, incredibly multifaceted subject. One reason I love it so much is how it never ceases to surprise me- just when I start to dare deem myself a buff, a whole new wave of information comes at me and I feel like a newbie all over again. It's exciting! It keeps it fresh, and keeps me wanting more.

So, what's the point of this blog, you ask? I suppose you could say it's to keep my brain active, and to keep my thoughts on the subject organized. I'll write on a certain topic entry by entry, and just see where it goes...

The basics- Your Sun Sign.
a.k.a.- what people mean when they say, for instance "I'm a Pisces." It's the most common component of astrology in the western hemisphere- virtually everyone knows their sun sign. But there's more to it- to yourself- than that! Think of your sun sign as the center of your own personal solar system- sun (self) in the center, with the planets (influences in your behavior/how you express yourself) orbiting around you.

We'll talk about each of the planets in due time, but for today, let's break it down and see what your sun sign says about you. Mind you, I haven't done this kind of thing before, and it's mostly off the top of my head, so forgive if something sounds off. Keep in mind, too, if you were born on a cusp (at the end or beginning of a sign), to read both signs' descriptions to get the big picture.

Aries: The ram. Assertive and spunky; sassy, to say the least. The first sign of the zodiac, Aries does what is best for him or herself first and foremost- not to say that they can't be highly empathetic, caring people. They absolutely are. It's just that they're not as likely to get suckered into other people's BS- they can see through it and won't let themselves become victims. Which, as a sucker-Pisces, I really admire. You can count on Aries to be honest, to tell it like it is, and to have some very interesting insight. Aries rules the head, so you can expect most Aries to have fabulous hair (it can go the opposite way as well, but to this day I cannot recall ever meeting an Aries who didn't have enviable tresses).

Taurus: The bull. Taureans are the sensualists of the Zodiac. They use their five (or more?) senses to get the best they possibly can out of all areas of life. Ruled by the element Earth, Taureans are, well, earthy. They thrive on being outdoors and getting plenty of nature time. This restores and recharges their spirit; it helps bring them balance. Be it by gardening, really getting the dirt under their nails, or going for a nice, long bike ride, the great outdoors does wonders for the bull. Taureans aren't always the most talkative of signs, (although this depends on other planet's positions, notably Mercury, but more on that later), but when they do speak, they make it count, and like Aries before them, say what they mean and mean what they say. However, if you get one on a subject they're passionate about, be prepared to sit back and listen; you might be pleasantly surprised by what you learn- both on the subject at hand, and about the Taurus him or her self.

Gemini: The twins. Geminis are a dualistic sign, ruled by the element of air and by a mutable quality. Geminis always have a lot going on in their brains- typically way more than just one or two lines of thought. Due to this high amount of mental energy, it's important for Geminis to channel this to avoid serious build-up which can seep out in less than desirable ways. And all therapeutic reasons aside, Geminis can be some of the most creative types in the Zodiac. Due to their angle of looking at the world, they can capture moments in a way others would never consider, be it through photography, writing especially, or even creating a new and unique exercise regime.

Cancer: The crab, ruled by good ole' h20. The ruling "planet" of Cancer is actually the Moon, and many of these lunar qualities are shared by the crab. Both wax and wane, although with Cancer it's emotional. A lot is going on underneath that shell though, so don't be surprised if instead of talking about what's going on in those heads of theirs, you get a seemingly impermeable brooding aura. The trick with Cancer is that they show you how they feel; and when they are feeling good, you will certainly reap the benefits as well. Cancer is without a doubt one of the most caring signs and are typically at their best within a (healthy) relationship. Their home is very special to them (whether it's a tiny room or a whole house), and will add their own special touches to make it cozy and private. Cancers care about their family more than anything.

Leo: The fiery lion of the wheel. Leos are ruled by the sun, and as such, thrive on attention. So many famous actors and musicians are Leos it's not even funny- they just gravitate toward the spotlight. Leos always try to be at the top of their game, and are definitely fighters. They are typically very loyal in relationships, partially due to the fact that a Leo won't just date someone for the sake of dating- they are typically very into whoever they are with, and see them in a very special way. Leos feel a wide range of emotion, being a fiery, fixed sign, but may be repressed in one or more of these areas. Physical activity is paramount to their well-being- stress can have the most adverse effects on Leos and Scorpios, so do things that make you feel good as much as possible, and don't feel guilty about it!

Virgo: The virgin. No, this doesn't automatically make you a prude! Usually quite the opposite. ;) It has more to do with purity of purpose- Virgo is the sign of service, and they want to help their fellow human and do their part to make the world a better place. Ruled by Mercury, like Gemini, Virgos have an abundance of mental energy going on, all the time. This can lead to supplementing their lifestyle to help calm their busy brain down! Virgos can definitely over-think and subsequently over-worry every little detail- but it's just because they want the outcome to be perfect. They can be critical, but also very fun to be around. They tend to have a wide range of interests and, like their fellow Earth sign Taurus, need ample time outside, even if it's something as simple as slowing down and looking at the ocean.

Libra: The scales. Libras are talkative, intelligent, very personable, and can possess a bit of a nervous energy. Libra is the sign of partnerships, but to be in a successful one, they first need to be fully attuned to themselves, and the rest will follow (This goes for everyone, but especially those who are heavily weighted with Libra in their chart). Libras have a lot of great ideas, but can find it challenging to manifest them to the ideal level they have in their head. Decisions can be problematic, as the Scales can see both sides of any quandary so perfectly. They are optimists, and always the bright side of life. They often have a refreshing and surprisingly unique yet sensible view of life; which oddly enough is staying true to their emblem, the scales. Balance is something Librans can struggle with because they can be thrown out of balance so easily, which makes physical activity and an activity such as yoga and/or meditation all the more important for their delicate constitutions.

Scorpio: The scorpion. Duh. Oh, Scorpios. Often touted as the most misunderstood sign of the Zodiac, they're really not that bad. It's just that- misunderstood. They tend to keep emotions under the radar, and can come off as cool and aloof instead. But they really do care highly about the people and situations in their surroundings. Scorpios are the healer of the Zodiac, and alternative therapies such as polarity massage and Reiki suit them perfectly. They usually feel things, but may not always trust their intuition, and turn to trying to be what they perceive as "rational" instead. However, their intuition in actuality is finely tuned and they are rarely wrong in this respect, so once they learn how to trust it, their confidence and what they can achieve really soars.

Sagittarius: The archer. Very optimistic and highly idealistic. They have a tendency to put people, places, and things on pedestals, and when they don't live up to these expectations, it can dramatically hurt the Sag. Sags are always trying to expand their horizons and get the most out of the world. They are the explorers, the adventurers. Finding a positive philosophy by which to live their life is important, yet can also be challenging, thus their exploration. They make fabulous conversationalists, and always have an entertaining story to share. Reflection is important for Sags, be it by keeping a journal or writing music, to aid their journey and to keep from making the same mistake twice (or more).

Capricorn: The sea goat. Capricorns are unique individuals- I have the hardest time guessing which people fall under this sign, even though I know so many of them. Capricorns are definitely hard working and detail oriented. They can have really nervous temperaments underneath the surface, but can sometimes control how it comes across. They can be worriers, and second guess themselves, even though they are usually right the first time. Typically prudent with money, although they do like nice things, and like giving nice things to others. Capricorns are intelligent and have a way about them that makes them quietly fascinating. They are very suited to the arts and subjects such as history. They definitely have a fun streak in there (although it may be dripping with sarcasm); you'll see it more as you get to know them!

Aquarius: The water bearer. Highly intelligent, more often than not leading an eccentric or bohemian lifestyle. The Aquarian is ruled by air, yet is characterized by water. This means they have a sort of balance between their mind, which is always going (often with intellectual pursuits), and their emotions, which they tend to be quite in touch with, although they do intellectualize them. Aquarians are the scholars of the Zodiac- even when they finish school, they never really stop learning. They devour any kind of literature and love debating different topics. They are often interested in, for lack of a better phrase, "new-age" type topics, and try to truly understand them. All of this mental activity, however, means that they must find some way to squeeze light physical exercise into their daily routine. It serves as a bath for their brain, which usually reaches new revelations during or after.

Pisces: The fish. The final sign of the Zodiac. It's a little strange to write about the Pisces, since I am one, but here goes. Pisces are typically recognizable by their eyes- something about them is distinct, be it color, expression, or size (fish like? hmm.) Bear in mind that Pisces is symbolized by two fish going in opposite directions- an apt metaphor for the Piscean life. They tend to be having some sort of constant battle between what they are currently doing and would like to be doing, or should be doing, etcetera. Pisceans are great at second-guessing themselves even though their intuition is typically correct. They can be very sociable and outgoing at times, and on a whim become a recluse, impossible to get a hold of. They do mean well, however, (at least most of the time), and have to be careful not to get suckered into other people's negativity.

Welp! That's all I got for today. Let me know what you think, good or bad, and we can discuss it. :) Peace & Love.