10 September 2010


So, last time we talked briefly about your sun sign and what it means for you. 
*[If you haven't yet done so, I highly encourage you to click on a "free chart" link to the right for your complete chart info. It literally only takes a moment and is an essential tool to get the most out of astro learnings!]

This week's topic is the elements. It's a part of astrology that I think gets kind of glossed over a lot, but in actuality is very interesting- it shows some of the themes of your expression in this life, your personality. Again, this is all from the top of my head, so it's quite likely that some things may not make sense; I fear this is the only way blog entries will ever be created, because I am a master procrastinator.

Okay, so elements. There are four: Fire, Earth, Air, and Water. Let's break it down a little more:
Fire signs: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius
Earth signs: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn
Air signs: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius
Water signs: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Okay. So there's a couple ways to go about analyzing this- 1.) The obvious- take the element of your sun sign and read on! 2.) Go on, take two seconds and get a free chart done at Astro and then look at the box like my masterpiece MS paint rendition to the left. If you are heavily weighted in one particular element, you'll want to read that info along with your sun sign's (if the two are, in fact, different). For example, in the box to the left, the sun sign is in Pisces (water), and there is a lot of other water going on, but there's also four signs in fire, so it would make sense to read the fire description as well. It can also be beneficial to read your rising sign's (a.k.a. ascendant- listed in the chart as AC) element too, as this shows how you portray yourself to the world, and aspects of the element may apply to you. The element of your moon sign ("earth" in the sample table) will show how your inner self relates to the world. As you know, there are many aspects to your personality. Am I getting way too confusing? If so, just ignore and read about your sun sign. I will clarify more on "ascendants" and "moon signs" in later posts, and this will all make sense. I promise!


Fire signs. Expressive, emotional, sassy, stylin'. That's right- fire signs are well known for having a particular "look" all their own, that they are fantastic at cultivating (with varying degrees of effort). They are apt to try out the funky (Sag), provocative (Leo), bright and fun (Aries) styles. They have a unique creativity and will definitely let you know their point of view in pretty much any given situation. Fire signs are honest and often opinionated (although with Sags, it's more likely to change as they learn new information- but they believe what they believe when they believe it! I hope that makes sense to you :P). Fire signs NEED- I repeat, NEED- regular physical activity to stay in the best shape of their body AND mind! Fire signs, this is your therapy. Indulge it.

Earth signs. As such, are in touch with the earth and their own bodies. Nature makes them feel alive. Their clothing style tends to be nice and tailored, accentuating their favorite body parts. Back to being in touch- while they have a very rational, logical side to them (for everyday dealings, they try to be as no-nonsense and direct as possible), most have a (possibly unearthed) spiritual side as well, which allows them to feel more fulfilled. These earthy types  may be very interested in "new age"-esque topics; perhaps more so than they let on at first. Earth signs are striving to find deep meaning in their lives, and a way to actively pursue it. A lot of these folk are very involved with the arts, (not to mention talented and willing to put in the time)- it grounds them, challenges them, and helps bring mental clarity. 

Air signs. Talkative and always have a new topic to discuss with just about anyone! They tend to be friendly on a surface level, but can become more aloof the more you try to get to know them. They may even be an open book about most things, but have parts of them that will take a long time coming out (at their own discretion, of course), or not at all. Like the element air, they can be impossible to pin down, which really is part of their charm! Air signs are perfect for any social gathering, as they can find something to discuss with just about everyone in the room. This is the most eclectic bunch, style-wise; although comfort usually greatly influences any wardrobe choice, they'll add a funky kind of flair so even if it's pajama bottoms and an old top, it's so much more than that. Meditation works wonders for slowing down and bringing to present the busy minds in this element.

Water signs. Like their opposite element, fire, water signs are emotional but are probably repressed a bit much to adequately express it without sounding (or getting) a bit crazy. Water signs are a varied bunch, just as water in it's forms on this Earth are (think the oceans, lakes, streams, tidal pools, and so on...). Some are introverted, some extroverted, but most go back and forth between the two. This is because water signs need time in their heads to swim around and get centered and recharged in between interacting with other humans. If they don't have enough time for this, then they tend to get stressed and cranky. And more emotional! And that's usually not good for anyone involved, as water signs have the propensity to hang on to negative feelings for way longer than is healthy. It's important for them to learn how to simply let go of things and feelings that bring them down- gentle exercise like just taking a stroll around the block and meditation can help. 

Well that's what I got for today. ;) Any questions about the elements or astrology in general, in any area of life, hit me up. I love talking about this stuff! Much love.

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