15 August 2012

introverts and extroverts and the continuum

I'm reading this book, called Raising Your Spirited Child (by Mary Sheedy Kurcinka), which is a good read for me since not only do I have a spirited child, I am also a grown-up one, and although I'm only a couple chapters in I've been able to glean some insight into the psychology of young'ns, and some good strategies for dealing with some of the more *challenging* aspects. The reason I say all this is, there was a section on introverts vs. extroverts, and it got me thinking about the continuum I remember learning about back in my college days... how it's not really one vs. the other, but a line, and where you fall on it. And where you land on it can change with situation, etc. One major point in the book was how introverts draw their energy from spending time alone, while those more on the extrovert side draw their energy from spending time with other people- talking, whatever. What do you need to recharge?

I switch back and forth. I'm farther on the introverted side, for sure, but there are often times when I feel energized from hanging out with awesome people- although, I usually need  a break after, to relax. :) And how does this relate to astrology? Well, my chart has Libra rising, which is the sign of partnerships and relating in general,  so I do have a very social side to my personality. However, it is in the first house of the self (the first sign of the zodiac is Aries). Since I have Libra rising, I have Aries on the other side, the descendant, which rules the 7th house, relationships and partnerships (the seventh house of the zodiac is Libra). They are switched! So I think it makes sense why I vacillate between wanting to be around others frequently, to just wanting... to be alone. Quiet. Etc. It's a seesaw, back and forth, between Aries and Libra, and the balance, or perhaps the imbalance, between them.

What do you need to feel recharged?

This post may not be super relevant for many of you, but this was just on my mind and I decided to blog about it. ;)

close up shot of a hippie van i saw.


  1. Love this article!

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  3. Can you tell me how this relates to my chart? I know we both have that Libra thing goin on, so is it the same?

    1. I'd say so, especially as we both have the first house Pluto thing going on... we need alone time to regenerate! Although with your Venus in the seventh (opposing Pluto), I wonder if you feel both of these ways, but more intensely.

    2. Me? More intense? Never :p

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