29 August 2012

What's a transit?

Alternate title: Look at my new buttons! :) I love 'em. I'm thinking about adding an instagram one as well, but the problem is that I have to do a third-party thing (since instagram is mobile-only, officially), and I'm not sure if I'm comfortable with that yet. Anyway, you want these buttons for your website, I found them here.

So. What's a transit? It's something I've talked about before on here but today I realized that I never really defined it. You know how you have your birth, or natal, chart, right? Your birth chart captures the exact moment of time when and where you were born on this Earth. Transits refer to the planets' positions at any given time. To the right, you'll see a box under "Today's Solar System." This tells you all of the planets' current positions. 

Does that make sense? Next is the tricky part, but not really because astro makes it super simple. 

So you have your chart. Now, take those current planets and put them into your chart. Where the current planets fall tell you what houses in your chart- parts of your life- are being activated. Maybe there's a current planet or two in an empty house of yours; perhaps a planet is forming an aspect to a personal planet (fancy talk for a planet in your birth chart), and activating that planet in a different way.

That's it. To expedite finding yours, go here (astro.com's "extended chart selection" page), and select natal chart and transits* from the first drop down menu. After putting in your birth data, you will see your birth chart as usual, but with green symbols around the chart, which stand for various planets. This provides a visual to see where the current, transiting planets are falling in your chart.

example of the natal chart with transits*  selection on astro.com. note the green planets around the chart.

I've done blog posts on different house transits here and here, if you'd care to check them out.
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  1. Still find this all confusing :(

  2. Is it something in particular, or the concept as a whole that's confusing?