02 July 2012

10th house and career

Lately the subject of career has been coming up, and I've been thinking about mine, too! So I figured I'd write about what different planets in your 10th house- which rules career and your public persona- might look like. Let me know if it's accurate, I'm new at this! ;)

This is how I find a chart and transits (it's under 'free horoscopes,' then 'extended chart selection,' then 'natal chart and transits' in the drop down menu... or you can ask me to find it for you, I don't mind ;) ). Around the outside of the charts, the symbols for the planets are in green... that's where the current planets fall in your chart! Like this... so, this made up person has the moon transiting their 10th house.

(note- if you sign up at astro, you can save chart info so you don't have to enter it every time)

The sun here is going to illuminate the subject of career in your life- will bring to light what's working, and also what isn't, and you may be able to glean some important information. You'll probably want your efforts to be recognized and appreciated, perhaps through a raise, some other sort of perk, or maybe leaving a place that takes you for granted for a better fit. Just keep your ego in check!

The moon rules emotions and nurturing, among other things, so every approximately 28 days for about 2 1/2 days (the moon's cycle and time in each sign, respectively), you need to take some you time and decompress. Care for yourself as much as you care for others in whatever your work is- and that could be anything, not necessarily a job you get paid for. After all, you can't do well at your profession if you don't have yourself together, so do what you need to do to really relax. :)

Mercury is all about communication, words, and work, but the word work could mean different things for different people. ;) I see this as either helping communication or revealing professional relationships that are weak in this area. Either way, this is a good time to get info on careers you are interested in and explore your options. Mercury loves to multi-task!

Venus rules beauty and the arts, I see this as a time when you can improve your current career space (and yes, this could be by quitting and starting a new path) so it better suits you and your needs, and/or make time to do the things you love- maybe to make it your life's work, maybe just to feel more balance in your life because you've been working too much lately and need to reconnect with the rest that life has to offer. :)

I think of Mars as bringing a boost of energy to whatever house he is visiting in your chart! So think of this as the time to really get shit done to reach your goals, short and/or long-term. It's just that- an energy boost. Savor it, but remember to still take care of yourself, and get enough sleep so you don't burn out.

I view Jupiter as expanding this area of life- bringing new opportunities, or showing advancement of some sort in whatever it is that's your career/what you're trying to make your career. Depending on the sign these opportunities may be hidden, but they are there! :)

Saturn is going to bring the principles of hard work and discipline into your career path. You may have a vision, and have the necessary training and are just trying to earn money/get ahead in your line of work. The time you bring in will also bring you reward, especially if you're not just phoning in your efforts.

Uranus brings a shakeup of some sort. Maybe an opportunity out of nowhere, or a shake up at your current employment. Maybe you'll suddenly just go in a new direction altogether, and forge your own way. A good time to show and live independence, especially in the area of career! I'm thinking that this is something that others will really take notice of, as well.

Neptune is going to help your dream job vision, if you let yourself go there! ;) I'm seeing this as a great time to pursue your interests and make time to do the things you truly enjoy, in whatever propensity is doable. Just revisiting, or doing more of, these things, you will bring inspiration!

Pluto may bring a shake up, but a different kind than Uranus. I see this as a time where you may have to regroup and strategy. What are your values? And not just in the career world, but in real life. Is whatever you're doing living up to those values? What can you do to change that? Look inside yourself and learn.

If you don't have a planet in your 10th house right now, worry not! Something will be there soon, and besides, other areas of your life may be taking front stage right now. You can always look at the sign that starts the 10th house (and the corresponding planet- for example, in the chart, Sag is the beginning of the 10th house, and it's ruled by Jupiter), and see how your attitude in work may be in general. :)

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