04 July 2012

Happy 4th

Welp, the layout/spacing of this post is not the way I was intending it to be, but I guess it's just not going to happen that way tonight. Something to learn!

Anyway, I was pleasantly surprised the other night, going out for a drive. The weather and sunset were both beautiful, and I happened to be out at the right time, which doesn't happen enough! I'm still surprised by beautiful weather, my mind is back in early spring. 

And then I instagram'd it and some orbs showed up. :)
(carolinedilz if you'd like to follow me there <3)


And this... is totally not me. ;) I got it from here, which I discovered while looking for the band Stars. Both very good things.

That's all, really. It's all rainy and a thunderstorm just passed through. I'm glad we BBQ'd when we did...

PS America is a Cancer (or as one Cancer I know prefers to be called, and I actually prefer as well, Moonchild)

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