21 June 2012

happy solstice (one day late)

sun, moon, and mercury all in cancer this morning... happy summer :) since mercury has been in cancer i've had a renewed interest in my oracle cards, i think because they help me put meaning and words to feelings, something which can escape me. they're so handy for helping me to evaluate current states of mind/feeling, suggestions on problems i face. If you're interested, this is what they look like...

My sister in law has Angel oracle cards, which we played with while she was visiting this week, also very insightful, but with different imagery. So it gets at different facets. I'd actually like to invest in some Angel cards sometime soon, get more familiar with them. :) I've always been interested in Tarot, too, but I feel intimidated by it as well... I've had it done for me less than a handful of times and liked it, but I'm just not there yet for using it myself. Maybe someday! I think this Mercury in Cancer, all this water in general right now is activating mine- (sun, mercury, pluto)- but also my moon, since cancer rules the moon. And my moon is in Taurus, which is a fixed sign and can be stubborn but more accurate a description I think, is that Taurus needs to be able to move at it's own pace, live life it's own way, what feels right, etc. The moon and mercury will be sextiling (like a soft trine) my Taurus moon later today, and in a few days, respectively, but they are in the ballpark now so I'm hoping for some... clarity? Don't know if that's the right word... I think this transit is helping all of us feel more in touch with our own moons, which is the hidden side of us, the part that's so strong and yet subtle that we don't even recognize it sometimes.

Also, all of this Cancer is in my 10th house, associated with career, professional image, etc. Capricorn is the 10th sign of the zodiac. My chart has everything in the sign of it's opposite, since I have Libra rising, which is the start of the second half of the zodiac. Anyway, I'm hoping for a boost of sorts- but just writing this feels good. We will see what comes of it.

Speaking of writing, I'm still trying to figure out what to do with my blog(s) situation- just post everything to here (even though it's not always astro-related), or put non-astro posts on here to keep it separate? Ehh.. I just don't know. I don't think many people read this currently, but if you have any insight please do share...

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