19 June 2012

musings on gemini and cancer

Signs going through- where did Gemini go? So fun so fast so head spinning! Is it like that after having a Gemini in your life for so long then leaving, for whatever reason? And now cancer.... already more subdued, introspective, plus the moon and mercury... my head's spinning in a different direction. Cue existential crisis.

Literally this morning /early afternoon was great for me. Was in a great mental space, things were going my way even tho I was just doing everyday things like going to work. Noted it was the new moon, but didn't have the exact time. By the time I got home from work, that mental space had left  , so I checked the moon and yep, 2* cancer. Felt anxious and stressed. Did a cooldown ritual ;) feel a little better but mostly I am going to fight this urge to just take a Xanax ;) heh...

It's really nice outside right now. Belts of Venus are setting. Hear birds chirping, some people talking in the distance but I can't make out what they're saying, and see the small trees and leaves starting to silhouette against the early evening sky.... beautiful June in Maine. Happy almost summer solstice. :)

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