26 April 2014

Right Now / Taurus

Hello Taurus. Happy Birthday, Bulls. Spring and flowers blooming and sun and rain and the grass has become so green so suddenly it shocked my eyes when I was out walking earlier in this drizzly weather.

Some of my favorite weather. In the northeastern sector of America that I call home, spring has finally arrived.

Taurus energy can be slow, mindful. Not rushing, not thinking of the cheapest or the fastest or the biggest but the most value. Yes Taurus is associated with material things like money but I wonder if how they spend their time isn't just as important. Noticing, seeking out, life's little luxuries. From the little things like being able to spend some time outdoors in the morning sun, your favorite song coming on while in transit, treating yourself to, and savoring every drop of, a coffee beverage when you get a break because it satisfies your tastebuds. A stroll around town or through the woods or along the shore. Noticing what's there, the beauty everywhere, because your state of mind isn't HURRY, but instead, ENJOY. Taurus may seem like they're plodding along at a maddeningly slow pace for no reason at all, but they are simply savoring the path.

(Side note: something else I want to mention about Taurus that I learned from Jan Spiller's amazing Soul Astrology is how they posses the ability to use their bodies as barometers. How they are able to tap into what choices to make, activities to do, based on the way their physical bodies FEEL. And it's Taurus season now so I say we can all try this now. :) )

Some proof of spring:

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