01 May 2014

Meditation Inspiration

I love the beach. I live seaside and visit frequently for the air and quieting of the mind that goes with it, among other reasons, such as my kid can run wild which he needs on a daily basis.

I'm beginning to meditate more regularly (again, my track record is pretty inconsistent), and if you are too then here are some images that I hope will help to relax and center you.

All I do is find a quiet space, but if I'm desperate I stay where I am and put on my headphones and press play.

For hectic days I like to just keep it simple. Sit. Eyes open, eyes closed, whatever floats your boat. Slow, deep down to your belly breaths. Thoughts will come, let them flutter in and out. Observe them but you don't need to feed them. If I'm particularly jittery I'll focus on the very top of my head, the crown chakra. For some reason this seems to help me literally feel above the thoughts and static. Sit for as long or as short a time as you like. Two minutes, ten minutes, twelve minutes. You choose. And you're done. You carved out a little bit of time in your busy day just for you and your much deserving brain. Something to be happy about. Congrats. <3

Please feel free to share your experiences, tips, journeys with meditating in the comments. :)

blurry beach

i love seaweed

overlooking portland, oregon


  1. I really like the way you've simplified meditation. For me I always think of it as some big commitment. I like how you've boiled it down to the basics-- it can be as easy as finding somewhere to sit and putting on calming music and letting yourself observe. Thanks because for some reason you just made it all absurdly obvious to me where I had it very overcomplicated before. ^_^

  2. Well that makes me happy to read! I'm so glad this resonates with you. :) xo