08 October 2014


The Aries full moon this month was also a total eclipse. It occurred early in the morning here on the east coast. You've probably heard about it before now. :)  This eclipse, personally, was all up in my business as it affected my first and seventh houses. First house=the self. Seventh house=the other. Relationships. The balance between the two, or highlighting the lack thereof.

Lately I've been trying to get a self-care routine going. I've been neglecting me. Libra rising. Libra anything. It's what you do. There is so much else, always, to be tended besides myself. But like the stereotypical saying goes, if you aren't consciously filling your own needs you're not really of any use to anyone else, anyway.

So this morning, due to having some rare child care, I decided to spend some time feeding my soul and spending time in meditation. I thought I would share the meditations I did (two are guided), in case anyone was curious, along with the crystals I used to meditate with. Have I mentioned I'm obsessed with crystals these days?

Here's a shot I shared on my instagram of the crystals I worked with this morning:

Amethyst to clear the mind, Shungite (the black stone) for grounding, protection, and for the energy field, and White Howlite to absorb and transmute any negativity.

How are you experiencing the eclipse? Share below if you so please. :) Peace and Love.

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