11 October 2011

Food for Thought

I read this post yesterday at Tiny Buddha and thought it was so relevant and a very realistic way to focus your energy, and just had to share! So many of us, myself included, feel pulled in so many directions, and are left feeling scattered and a little lost. The author, Angela, breaks it down in a way to help you make small steps everyday to feel more on track.

Now is a turbulent time, in many ways, especially with Uranus in Aries, which has themes of abruptness and erratic tendencies. I think this exercise is a productive way to help build your strengths, which can only serve yourself and others now and in the future.

Speaking of Aries, full moon in Aries today! (The full moon always occurs in the sign opposite the current sign).
Venus moves into Scorpio. Hot. (But also kind of intense).

There's a lot of strong forces out there, but it's nicely balanced by the Libra sun and Mercury. Communication is key... harness the Libran diplomacy, especially if an argument occurs. Make sure you can see all sides before letting the fiery moon get the better of you! Standing up for yourself is important, but only if it isn't just for the sake of putting another down.

Enjoy- it is a beautiful autumn moon, and since it's getting darker sooner now (at least here in the North, where I am), you can get extended gazing time... put on your sweaters and venture outside :)

Photo credit: Down the Wormhole

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