07 November 2011


Wow, did today turn super cranky for me. Figuring out where to go on these trails of life can be so hard sometimes. I mean every age and stage is both strange and wonderful, but there seems to be something about mid-20s life that's confusing. I feel pulled in so many different directions, and therefore feel like I'm getting nowhere. Not to complain, it's just a source of frustration for me when I have time, like I do at this moment, to think about it. Now how to tie this into astrology? Neptune has been traveling retrograde for quite a while now. Neptune is a different energy; both illusions and dreams that can be realized, higher selves and the most selfish of lower vibrations. It's the ruler of Pisces. Astrologers say that retrograde Neptune is like being in a fog, a mist, basically not clear headed. And I'm feeling that. Sometimes it can be challenging to know what's real and what isn't, from thoughts to situations to relationships to communication.

However! It is going direct soon. Real soon. November 10th! The thing with Neptune is because it's such an out there planet (in more ways than one), it's influence is kind of a general, less obvious one. It's not in your face, it's just kind of in the background, fading in and out of influence with anyone's particular chart. Going back into a direct motion should help things that have felt so fuzzy become clearer, help us to better see, or create, our paths. I'm going to go with that. ;) And in the meantime, get my stuff in order, maybe make some lists, remember to breathe, and try to convince myself that sometimes baby steps really are the best way to reach a goal you really care about. Even when it seems really intimidating and unobtainable at the present moment.

Okay, so that was a ramble. We also have Venus and Mars in Sagittarius right now, which is always fun. You might be feeling the urge to travel, exercise, read/learn more, or just get outside and feel the air. Fun dates and having a lighthearted, upbeat connection with romantic partners sounds good. Good for sexy time too. ;) So basically, enjoy this influence and maybe let it distract you, just for awhile, from all the other not so fun stuff. Keep it in check though, so you don't overindulge and end up in a not so great space.

Peace, love, and whatever else tickles your fancy!

{aurora borealis, as seen from greenland. photo courtesy of the free app, astropix} {yes, i'm a huge nerd.}

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