08 August 2011

fire retrograde

Ah, Mercury retrograde. There's a lot of bad hype that surrounds these transits during which, from Earth, a planet appears to be moving backward through space. Offenses include: general misunderstandings, faulty communication, and technical mishaps (also not the ideal time to purchase new electronics). But it's not all bad, and I am really trying to be positive about this upcoming Mercury retrograde. Mercury (planet of communication) will be traveling backward through Leo. Leo is ruled by the sun- the center of our solar system- which can translate to this retrograde focusing around the self. A fantastic time for self-reflection, starting a new healthy habit or breaking an old one, or just trying to refocus and refresh yourself mentally, spiritually, and physically. Since Mercury rules the nervous system, and is very language oriented, now can be a really good time to do some writing to get thoughts and emotions that have been bothering out of your brain and make them more tangible; from there you can see if you're being neurotic and just need to give them less power, or if it's an issue you should try to address in real life.

Retrograde is a good time to reevaluate recent happenings in your life, and I think also to take a little chill time on big decisions or other big events that are stressing you out. Obviously, this can be completely impossible at times, so if such a situation arises, you can know that you shouldn't rush yourself when trying to figure it out, and let yourself take a step back and see everything clearly before making a decision. Rushing will make you clumsy. Also, past issues can arise (that perhaps you never fully resolved), to push you to find a resolution, peace of mind, and the ability to move on. As difficult as it can be, try looking at it as an opportunity to move forward instead of a burden to procrastinate dealing with. I've also heard that, especially during this time, you may see people from the past cropping up, in seemingly the most random of places.

Don't get too stressed out by small annoyances- they will pass- look for solutions in new places- and sometimes things just need to be turned off and back on again...

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