26 December 2012

off the top of my head

I think that I'm moving to WordPress. And/or working on improving this site. If things get a little weird around here in the next few days to a week, that's probably why. It looks like the process should be pretty painless, thankfully. Just wanted to give a heads up. :)

So we're onto longer days, every day. It's a nice thought. I'm feeling zonked from the holidays but I think I will fix myself a hot cuppa and make a list and get some stuff done, life-wise and around the house. At the moment, though, I am loving my work space. Here's the view:

It's from last week. :)

Originally I tweeted it. Are you on twitter? Find me here! Other places I'm around online are to the right.

How are you feeling today? The moon and Jupiter in Gemini (although no longer conjunct) is motivating- for sure- but the side effect is feeling overwhelmed! A rushed, how will I do all this? feeling. But a lot can be found out, as well- this is a GREAT time to set goals for the year ahead, or just a general idea of what you'd like to happen (if you're into that kind of thing). If you do a vision board, now is a great time to work on it.

Felt compelled to draw a card (which turned into three).

From the oracle deck The Wisdom of Avalon by Colette Baron-Reid.

the frog- cleaning house & releasing emotional baggage. get rid of clutter in your environment, head, and heart. it's time to get rid of anything that clutters your life or your space with unwanted, burdensome energy, or that weighs down heavily on your heart.

cleaning up allows for new and fresh energy to enter your world. it allows for positive and supportive energy. the frog says to release all things no longer appropriate to bring on your journey.

the fire faery- creative action & optimism. she sparks ideas into action and encourages you to move quickly. she's also the voice of happy optimism,, showing you signs, signals, and omens to support your dreams. she brings energy to support ideas that serve the greater good. she also brings illumination. if you're in the dark about something, a light.

burden- this card asks what burdens your are carrying on this part of your journey. are they so heavy that they slow you down? stop and look at your responsibilities & commitments.

release others to their own path. it's time to leave behind any unnecessary burdens, and know you have the strength to carry what is yours.

Interesting combo! I'm definitely feeling the need to write and expand my blog and work...

Do these cards make sense to you, too?
Happy Holidays. :)

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