14 September 2012


Also... I really wanted to share a couple of, for lack of a better word, "beauty" tricks I have stumbled across (again, thanks, pinterest). Now that I think of it, this will constitute the Friday links. :)

First up is the fact that cornstarch can be used as a mineral veil/powder for your face. I saw this tip a while ago and was like, ehh, I'll try it sometime. I FINALLY remembered to, and omg I am so in love and honestly just really wanted to share because it costs like no money. I have combination skin, and the oily bits definitely get oilier throughout the day. The cornstarch stayed on all day, and it was hot out (i.e. I definitely sweat a lot today). I just put a little bit of the corn starch on its plastic cover (so I didn't get too much- a little goes a long way) and brushed it on with a blush brush. Magic. (realsimple)

Secondly... coconut oil. You can whip it up with a mixer or food processor, and add some essential oil if you'd like, and use it as a night cream (however I may be using it during the day this winter, because my skin gets so dry!). No weird chemicals, smells really good, and super cheap to make. Directions on how to make it at nourishedlife.

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