04 September 2012

on dreams

Good morning. :)
This will be a really short post, just popping in to say hi!
Really thinking that I should start keeping a dream journal (again). To help keep in touch with my brain at night, like what happens there? Lately I haven't been remembering my dreams at all. Or, I do when I first wake up, but then they disappear and the only way I'll remember any of it is if something in real life reminds me of something that happened in my dream. Also, to see if there's any patterns I should be aware of... self-understanding.

I remember reading once, that the more you record your dreams, the better you get at remembering them in general. This was true for me when I kept one before, YEARS ago now!

Do any of you keep a dream journal? Had any crazy dreams lately? Do tell, I'd love to hear about either or both!

Thanks for reading, I do appreciate it! xo!

update: Do any of y'all use a dream analysis book? Which one(s)? Decoding dreams was my first love, before astrology lol, waay back in the day! ;) Haven't done it in a really long time though. Also back when I was into all this, I had more lucid dreams, where you control your dreams, and are very aware of doing so... our minds are awesome. :) I have another book on dreamwork that is calling my name... I just want to dive into my unconscious.

I read my newspaper horoscope while waiting for coffee the other day, and it was talking about my motives, and not being clear of them... and I was like, woah, Maine Sunday Telegram, you're getting a little deep on me. Weird, though, because it's TRUE. I think doing dreamwork will help me to better understand some stuff- it might get icky, though!

[books I'm looking at: The Complete Dream Dictionary by Pamela Ball, and Meditation & Dreamwork by Tara Ward]

somewhere along the columbia gorge in oregon.

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