27 September 2012

a card for libra

So it's been like... a week and a half! Astrology classes have been taking up most of my online time. :) 
(Which, by the way, I would highly recommend to anyone interested: check it out at moonpluto).

One of the things we've been practicing in class is the use of our cards- I have oracle cards. The Wisdom of Avalon, by Colette Baron-Reid. Most of the others have Tarot. I'd like to buy a Tarot deck in the semi-near future. (Can you share Tarot decks?) Tarot used to freak me out, but since I've had more experience with it, I see how Tarot- and Oracle decks- really just help you tap into the roots of things. Questions, problems, in general. Yourself. Helps cut through to see what's truly there.

Practicing, doing the exercises in class have helped me a lot in working with my deck. Learning to use the cards and Astrology together. I also watched a Doreen Virtue video with my boyfriend's sister, which had some good tips and tricks on clearing your deck. Helping to prevent your own, or others, feelings interfering when pulling cards for yourself or others. 

I'll do an exercise of my own today- the sun just moved into Libra. What does the Libra sun want to show us?

Funny- I drew the wasp. Anger! Retaliation! Jealousy! Looking at my handy book's explanation:

"The wasp has a stinger that hurts with poison when confronted. Be mindful of how you address the world. If you're not careful, you may sting or be stung. The wasp reminds us that pain is a choice, so don't waste your stinger on a petty quarrel.

On the other hand... if you feel the sting of a wasp, be smart and swat it away- defend yourself!"

Really, the wasp is about relating. A lower vibration of doing so. It also has to do with keeping things in perspective, and not overreacting over the little things. "Chances are that whatever comes up today is smaller than you perceive it to be in the grand scheme of things." 

Relating. With acquaintances, close friends, significant others, strangers- all of it. How sometimes, when we are very close to another person, we can get lazy and it can be easy for our stinger to come out. It's a paradox of relationships. The wasp wants us to watch that tendency. Be aware of it within ourselves. 

Libra rules relating, relationships- especially romantic relationships. Strive toward the higher vibrations of Libra, of relating, asks the wasp. :)

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