07 September 2012

friday links and random things

happy friday! here's a few links for some fun tidbits I've come across...

Theory on how emotions affect your health, and some remedies (enlightenedfeelings)

Gorgeous photo of misty woods by Long Beach Nguyen (500px)

Awesome resource for Sahaja Meditation(works with your chakras and kundalini energy)- love the meditation music :) (freemeditation)

Approaching Fall reminds me that it's time to start taking an elderberry tincture when I remember to- I found out how to make my own (much easier than anticipated) over at (lusaorganics). Elderberry can be used as preventative medicine and also helps to shorten the duration of illness. Good stuff!

Well, that was my first links list and it was pretty random. I need to start linking to more personal blogs instead of websites, I think. Have any to share? I'd love to see them!

If I have time over the weekend I want to write a bit about the moon, but if not, I will on Monday. :) 

beautiful earth

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