14 January 2013

three card draw

I purchased my first-ever Tarot deck last week. I am a super beginner with Tarot, and while I've done a couple of draws for myself I feel more like... the deck is using me, than I am using it, at this point. haha. I'm not fully confident! So, I have been doing some research on the topic to try to learn more.

Because I'd been so engrossed with my Tarot deck, I had strayed from my original card deck, my Avalon oracle cards. Yesterday I went to do a draw with Tarot but realized that I missed my Avalon cards, so I did a draw with those instead. Just a quick three-card spread, not even focusing on a particular question, I just wanted to see what came up.

The Grail Knight, The Queen, and Letting Go.

The basic message: Let go of past relationship issues/troubles (romantic or otherwise) to have the best possible present.
Some details:
The Grail Knight stands for love, either of yourself or romantically. He asks you to choose love, and to seek the sacred. Choosing to focus on these things. He also reminds us that with everything, there is light and shadow. Be willing to see the shadow side to avoid illusion.

The Queen represents all things pertaining to women. Fertility, which yes, could be literally, but more generally metaphorically. Creativity. What are you creating? What life are you creating for yourself? How can you revel in the beauty of life? She also represents self-worth, having fun, and boundaries. Boundaries, but without isolation. 

If you are very sensitive to the energies/feelings of others, you can draw a boundary, shield yourself, to not absorb them. Just reminding yourself of this boundary if you're starting to feel affected by another can be enough. If you need a visual, I was once told to envision a bubble around yourself. :) You can still see and talk to the other person, and love them, but their energy can't leak over to you.

Letting Go. This represents a release of attachments, expectations, unfulfilled desired. Relinquish control. Be light and free. The past can be heavy and weigh us down if we let it...

Do these cards resonate with you? Feel free to share your tips for healthy boundaries for sensitive types.


  1. I prefer my CBR cards to original tarot - I pulled from CBR's deck Saturday night :)

    1. There's just something about them! This deck feels soothing to me...

  2. This message is so relevant to me! Thanks for sharing this <3

    1. So cool to hear it resonates with you. :) xo