17 January 2013

In search of less.

All I want to do is purge my home of things I don't need or use anymore. If I ever did at all. I just did this about a month ago, but the urge is creeping back up. The post-Christmas/birthday business. We live in a small space. Which is fine. I'm used to small spaces. :) I just don't like them to feel cramped and cluttered.

I have a nearly-empty fourth house in my chart, but right now (Capricorn/Aquarius season!), I have many transiting planets there. Cleaning house.  It feels like a cleansing on so many levels. I want to cleanse my home, my brain, my spirit. And to do that you have to go through some shit. You have to go through all the junk that isn't serving you anymore but is still hard to part with because you've had it for so long.

Capricorn wants to reach its goals, one summit at a time. Mars in Aquarius (also going through my fourth) creates the sense of urgency. Fourth house is the home, the spaces we dwell in and also the home of our souls, aka our bodies. The cusp of the fourth house is called the Imum Coeli, or IC, and I once read that this is the point where the soul enters the body. Fourth house is also feelings, emotions.

Trying to cleanse my mental states of stress that pop up. One thing that helps is, when I feel overwhelmed, is to consciously give the stressful feelings away to the universe (or deity of your choice). To get them out of your body. This is a mental/spiritual exercise but you can feel it in your body, as stress affects the body so much... Giving away the junk. This allows new things, better things, to come in. If the space is clogged up, nothing more can come in. That goes for our physical homes, too. :)

I suppose what I'm really trying to do is care for these things, my physical and spiritual homes, myself and my body, and it is somewhat foreign to me, so I need to write about it apparently! (Actually, Mercury, aka communication, is there as well so I guess I really do! haha). What needs your attention and care right now?

The Ace of Cups, my favorite of the limited number of Tarot cards I've seen so far. My understanding of the card- spiritual abundance spills over to material abundance...

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