07 January 2013

blocks and clearing.

How do you deal with blockages?

They show themselves in all sorts of ways, and while the antidote seems simple, especially if it's surrounding doing something, like writing, for example- just do it-  it's not. It's like you have to drag yourself, and even if you are able to it, it can feel forced or stiff or just like there's no SOUL in it and it's frustrating.

With me I feel irritable when I'm blocked. If I've been neglecting myself and some semblance of a daily routine of care. And I was feeling this today, bad. It feels gross and heavy. I made myself meditate for, oh, 7ish minutes. I sometimes (often) put it off because I feel like it takes up too much time. Like it's going to be boring when there's other stuff I need to do. But it's never either of those things. Again. Blocks. Resisting.

So since I do rush things sometimes when I'm by myself (My Mars and Uranus are conjunct, and one thing that is, is impatience! In the third house, matters of the mind. btw). My solution was to do a speedy chakra cleanse. Started at the bottom and cleared each one, just moving my hand clockwise (like you're the clock) in front of each chakra. You also raise your energy while doing this- this is energy work, and can feel it at the top of your head. Today it felt like pressure being released. Tangible pressure. Woah. How long had it been? Too long. Far too long.

It's important to feel clear.  I work with people and cards and charts sometimes, (and I would really like to do it more), and I need to be clear before doing this. I don't want to cloud anything, ya know? I need everything to flow. :) Even just in daily matters, daily interactions.

here's a handy guide. ;)

And if you're into it- some Ravi Shankar.

How else can you combat the winter blues?


  1. This kinda makes me want to meditate... So good job :)

    1. yay! we could have a meditation skype date sometime... just sayin'. ;)