08 January 2013

hello sagittarius moon

Last night and a little while this morning has been devoted to reading on Sky Writer. Donna Cunningham is unstoppable! Her Q&A articles in particular are just a wealth of astrological information. I think I'll just read one article and end up reading like nine!

Today the moon is in Sagittarius. Moon in Sag feels like a breath of fresh air for me- out of the intensity of Moon in Scorpio (which isn't inherently bad or anything, but I do have limits to how deep I can go before I feel overloaded!), and a break before the different kind of intensity that moon in Capricorn brings these days, as Capricorn moon conjuncts transiting Pluto. Not that that placement has to be labeled bad or anything either, to me it just feels heavy and like... staying in. Gathering energy. The new moon this month will be in Capricorn, in Friday.

The moon moves quickly. New sign every ~2.5 days. Moods and themes can change quickly. My advice is to roll with it rather than trying to resist. If you feel particularly... antisocial, or internally based, honor that within yourself, even if external circumstances are a bit... squeezing. This can be something as small as treating yourself to a hot tea or coffee in the midst of a busy day at work when you're just not feeling it at all.

Venus also will be joining the sun, pluto (and soon the moon) in Capricorn, late tonight eastern time. 11:11, to be exact. :) Love is going down deep, not necessarily cuddly, but then the specifics depend on your OWN personal chart- where is your Capricorn house? I also think this will have the potential to be revealing in your relationships. What will you uncover?

I'm getting ahead of myself- one transit at a time. Hi, Sagittarius moon! How do you notice the current moon?

Sagittarius region of the galaxy.

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