21 January 2013


This is super quick, just checking in- I wasn't very good at being around last week! It's a funny time of morning now, worked on a reading when I first woke up, then playtime and chores with the little one. My concentration is all but gone for the morning- I'm planning a nice session this afternoon, will finish the reading and I also have some cards to pull for people. :)

This makes me feel good. Reading charts and doing card pulls/spreads is work that I truly love, although I am just starting on the path, and am still in the learning, gathering information and synthesizing it stage... I really want this to be my career. Or, a big part of my career.

A friend and I were discussing the other day how intimate it can be to have a reading done. Having someone see your chart, or cards related to your situation, can be revealing. And sometimes I feel like I'm getting TOO intimate. Like, where's the line on what's too personal to talk about? I realized about myself as a reader that I don't want to NOT go there, ever. Honesty is important to me. I want to be real with what I see and not put up illusions... As my Astrology teacher asked this morning, about Saturn's transit and how it's affecting us, Saturn going through my first is really knocking down any illusions I had about myself... and going over my natal Pluto, much is being revealed... and this is just the beginning! How are you feeling it?

Also, Happy MLK, Jr. Day! From my facebook page, one of my favorite quotes of all time. By the way, he was a Capricorn with a Pisces moon and Taurus rising. Pisces=Vision. Capricorn=Putting in the hard work. Taurus=Not backing down!



  1. I was thinking about how an astrologer is kind of like a therapist in that you have to carefully share some delicate infrmation. It's similar in that you're really not helping the person by not "going there" with difficult or sensitive information. Also, the whole idea of a right to confidentiality?

    Love the tidbit about MLK Jr.


    1. True words, amigo. A right to confidentiality is definitely important for both professions because otherwise clients are just not going to feel like they're in a safe space, which would be majorly inhibiting for both parties! Where's HIPAA when you need it? ;)