08 January 2013

sag moon redux

Re: my most recent blog post, I received some feedback in which my friend A hilariously noted that I had gotten "a little ADD" and strayed from the topic of actual moon in Sagittarius. Which was the entire original point! It made me giggle since it's SO true (I heart feedback, btw), and instead of making edits after the fact, I decided to just clean it up with another short little blog post. :)

Anyway- moon in Sag! Aspects aside, this is generally regarded as a happy, sociable time. Could be a little freewheeling (look out for rash decision-making). A good time for self-reflection/evaluation, and spiritual/philosophical endeavors. (Side note: I purchased my first ever deck of Tarot cards today, during the Sag moon. Not planned that way- just, the shop I got them at was closed yesterday. :) ).

So that's sort of the general mood of Sag moon. There are more layers. For one, the aspects (interactions) the moon makes with other planetary bodies. Today, the moon made many different aspects- the moon is/was busy! So this takes the general energy of the moon and bends it a bit.

For example, an opposition to Jupiter in Gemini happened earlier today. Sensitive types may still be picking up on this theme- reconciling our needs (the moon) with that which we want to expand (jupiter). Where these two transiting planets fall in your chart will give you more clues. For example, if you had the transiting moon in the fourth house, and Jupiter in the tenth, you may be feeling a bit of a tug of war between your basic, family, home-based needs (fourth house- are you feeling as though you're in a shell?) and the desire to expand your career (tenth house). How can you meet in the middle? That's what oppositions encourage... And I just inadvertently talked about the second layer- where the planets fall specifically in your chart. That's where astrology gets personal, and becomes a helpful psychological tool. And that is why I'm obsessed with Astrology. Psychology undergrad turned Astrologer-in-training. :)

The moon is in Sagittarius until early morning Thursday. Embrace this monthly retreat to those Sag endeavors!
Expanding on your needs... one theme from today. :)


  1. I dig it. You're fancy. Let's write a business plan.

  2. I liked both posts - I sometimes don't get to my title till the end of the blog post :)

    1. aww thanks mary! it's hard to stay on topic when there's sooo much to write about, isn't it! :)