09 January 2013

something for the capricorns

...and by that I mean, Capricorn suns or moons or an otherwise inclined Capricorn type. :)
(Saturn, ruling planet of Capricorn, in Capricorn? Oh, yes. You're included!)

Made by a Capricorn, can be found here.
-The sea-goat
-"Sea" represents the sub/unconscious, spiritual realm. Capricorn partially resides there, which is why so many of them are artists of some sort.
-Many people with Capricorn placements are feeling transformed, challenged, or even stuck (if resisting change), as Pluto, planet of transformation, transits the sign. 
-Capricorn, ruled by Saturn, can resist expansion of their natural talents and enjoyments. Your instinct may be to restrict yourself. This may be related to not feeling worthy, as they have such high expectations for themselves.
-A message to Capricorn types: you are worthy, you are talented. Put that work ethic of yours into pursuits that are meaningful to you.

Happy New Moon!

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